Blogging Through The Bible

We’re 28 glorious chapters into reading the Bible in 90 days, and I’m having a blast!

(Did you know that no one made fun of Noah when he was building the ark? No one! At least, not that God talks about anyway. So all of that mockery and fist raising that we see in the movies and story books is completely imagined. Who knew?!)

As it turns out, I cannot officially participate with the “Blogging Through the Bible” 90-day challenge since it is exclusively for people who are physically reading every word of the Bible. I need to supplement my reading with a fantastic audio recording that I have loaded into my iPod, otherwise, I just wouldn’t be able to complete the readings… and I want more than anything to be immersed in Scripture.

Why? Well, I’m pregnant. So, I’m tired and need to sleep more often than not. (Have you ever read Psalm 127? I think it’s all about a peacefully sleeping mommy.)

I’ve rigged up a situation that seems as if it will work for the next three months. Here’s how it works for me:

I keep my iPod and headphones by my bed. When I wake up in the morning, I start listening to that day’s reading. I listen as I get ready, as I prepare a wholesome breakfast, put dishes away, etc.

Then, I sit down with my breakfast, remove my headphones, and read the remaining pages in the quiet of the early morning.

If I fall behind, I’ll listen in the car as we drive into town. What could be better than listening to Scripture with the girls? (Though I tried that yesterday and had to turn the recording off as soon as Lot daughter’s came into the picture… I happen to have a child who doesn’t miss a thing!)

As accountability, I hope to blog about my progress here, but I don’t want to discourage anyone who is reading the entire Bible, word by word. If you are, keep on! What a wonderful and enriching season you will have! But, if you weren’t going to participate at all because you know you won’t be able to read word for word every day, feel free to create a situation that works for you so that you are enjoying the living Word of God.







10 responses to “Blogging Through The Bible”

  1. Anne Avatar

    I’m with you on the ipod thing! I think it’s such a wonderful way to listen – either to Scripture or to sermons, which I download from Sermon Audio ALL the time!
    God bless you as you read….and listen to His precious word.
    Love, Anne x

  2. Sarah Mae Avatar

    Laura, you got me curious and I had to look up the Noah thing about people making fun of him (it couldn’t have come from no where, right?!). 🙂

    Here is where I think they get it from:

    Okay, but the point of your post, great idea! I heard another idea from Milly Piper about just keeping your bible open somewhere at all times, so even if you just walk by you can take some in. I like it!

  3. Rebecca Avatar

    I fully respect Mom’s Toolbox for their decision to include only readers, but I think it’s important to know there isn’t one. single. verse. where we are commanded to read the Bible.
    We are commanded and encouraged to listen to God’s Word, obey, meditate, make it a part of the very fabric of our being, and study, but God didn’t place a command about reading in His Word.
    It’s a no-brainer that if you are blessed enough to live in a society that is both literate AND has the complete Word of God that you will read, but it certainly isn’t making you less of a Christian to listen and meditate on what you’re hearing!
    One last thing while I’m here on my soapbox. There’s no passage that commands memory, either! We’d do much better to teach our kids to meditate than memorize mindlessly. Ideally, they’d meditate on verses so well they’d be memorized. It’s a funny fact of human nature that once we’ve checked the “memorized” box, we think we’re done…that’s only the start 🙂
    Thanks for the boldness and beauty of your post today. I’m already committed to Professor Horner’s reading system at least through 2011. I plan to read it, but listening isn’t out of the question…mostly I want to saturate my heart and mind with God’s Word.

  4. Brittany Avatar

    I’d love to hear more about the wholesome breakfasts you prepare for your girls. I need some ideas!

    I joined the Bible in 90 days but this pregnant mama needs more sleep these days too! I just want to challenge myself to read the bible in its entirety. If that will happen in exactly 90 days I’m not sure.

  5. Brandy Avatar

    I joined the B90Days challenge at Mom’s Toolbox. My 3rd attempt to complete it. It’s HARD when you’re homeschooling, taking care of house, and making sure your 2 daughters (in my case) get time with you. Not to mention anything else that pops up. So easy to fall behind. BUT, it’s fun at the same time. And it’s helping to build some good habits (be in the Word daily).

    I play our audio Bible throughout the day too … … just not anywhere near where I’m supposed to be reading LOL

  6. Crystal Avatar

    I didn’t join anything but I’ve committed to doing it! I actually printed off Bethlehem Baptist Church’s (John Piper)reading plan. It’s for one year, so I just read 4 days worth rather than one. And the good thing is that instead of it being for 365 days it’s only for 300.. so it gives you a little wiggle room!

    I’ve been a Christian for almost 9 years and I’ve never read it through. I heard a preacher ask a congregation how many people believe the Bible? Of course everyone raised their hands. Then he asked how many had read it entirely. Very few. How can we say we believe it all but haven’t read it all?

  7. Rachel Avatar

    Listening on the ipod is an awesome idea to supplement!

  8. julie Avatar

    I’m laughing about the Lot’s daughters part. That part should be saved for older kids 🙂

  9. Heathahlee Avatar

    Girl, you cracked me up about Lot’s daughters! : )

    So glad to be on this journey, too. Having been raised in church my entire life (thought not nailing down my salvation until I was 28), I’m ashamed to say I have never read the Bible from cover to cover. I think I needed the accountability this brings. I’m loving it and can’t wait to open up His Word every morning.

    Amy @ Mom’s Toolbox told me that there are 950 people signed up! Isn’t that amazing??? I love it!

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