By the Creekbank

I thought it would be fun – exploring our very own creek, taking first-steps in a bed that promises hours and hours of play in the years to come. And it was fun. Until, of course, we packed up all of the sand toys and water bottles, and I tried to lug us back up onto the bank, accidentally stinging both girls with nettles, and awkwardly heaving my own 8-month belly over the three-foot bank. All three of us trudged back to the house in tears. Once we arrived safely inside, I decided that dinner could wait and gave each of us a well-deserved, refreshing shower. By the time Ryan came home from work, we were ready for bed. Though she had spent a full hour exploring and splashing, Vivienne told her daddy about our “horrible! terrible!” time down at the creek. And we all agreed. Oh, the power of “last impressions” and stinging nettles.

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