Candy Experiments: SWEET!

(Blowing bubbles into the water to see that air floats! Don’t worry – they weren’t drinking it!)

We had a blast doing candy experiments with leftover candy. I snagged some clearance bags of warheads, nerds, crunch bars, skittles, m&m’s… and we got to work! I found all of the ideas at Candy Experiments and typed out my own lab sheets. The girls were introduced to the words, “hypothesis,” “results,” and “control”, as well as the concept of conducting orderly experiments with only one variable.

M&M Chromotography

Sink or Float

Does my candy have acid in it?

For the Sink/Float and the Acid experiments, I gave each student four tape-donuts. She taped the wrapper to the paper and recorded her results with a pencil.

The sweetest news? I compiled the experiments and the lab sheets into a pdf just for YOU! Enjoy!








3 responses to “Candy Experiments: SWEET!”

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  2. Crystal Avatar

    How fun! We trick or treat and I’m needing a way to get rid of some of the candy and this looks like the perfect thing! Thanks!

  3. Loralee Avatar

    I love the pointers about the “controls”, and the worksheets look great. I’ll have to make some up some time.

    Thanks for trying candy experiments!

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