A “Both/And” Christmas

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We open our arms to receive the fullness… Christmas is both a humble holiday (God becoming a man, the manger, the stable) and a catastrophically extravagant holiday (the multitude of heavenly hosts, the virgin birth, GOD becoming a man!, the powerful King Herod wreaking havoc, the dreams, the rescue, the miraculous star, the astronomers who came with brilliant gifts). Christmas … Read More

The Fourth Sunday of Advent


The lights around our house, the lights around our Advent wreath, and the lights in our hearts grow brighter and brighter! On this, the fourth Sunday of Advent, we will light the candles at our dinner table and enjoy a special meal together, especially savoring warm fresh bread. This day, we celebrate Jesus Coming to Feed the Hungry. We’ll read … Read More

An Advent Prayer


I keep a copy of Walter Brueggemann’s Awed to Heaven, Rooted in Earth on my nightstand. He has written exquisite prayers that awaken the bumbling prayers in my own soul that are still looking around for the right words. I’m grateful to prayer-writers who have the gift of thinking well about God, and help the rest of us to speak … Read More

The Third Sunday of Advent


They’ll twinkle as little eyelids flutter into dreamland. They’ll remind our sweet little girls that they are beloved. Tomorrow night, we will hang lights in the girls’ room tomorrow. Wrapping them up and around the rafters; trailing the chord down the wall to the outlet.  As Christmas carols play, and we bring warmth and holiday into a girlie-girl bedroom, I … Read More

The Second Sunday of Advent


This week, we celebrate that Jesus Comes to Forgive Sins. With a fire crackling in the chiminea, chairs drawn up close, and hot chocolate in hands, we’ll talk more personally about our sin, confessing our sins to one another and praying for each other, so that we may be healed. We will rejoice that the One whose mere breath placed … Read More

May I Give a Gift Like Mary

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When Mary of Bethany poured ointment on Christ’s feet, anointing Him for His imminent burial, she said “yes” to the cross. Her gift said “yes” to the prophecies, “yes” to the miracles, “yes” to the suffering, “yes” to the redemption, “yes” to Jesus Christ of Nazareth – our ransom from Heaven. In her actions, she was saying, “It’s okay that … Read More

The Advent Season: Arriving

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Next Sunday, November 28th, marks the beginning of the Advent Season. This is a powerful time of year, when we meditate tangibly on the Light of the World. Especially on His Return… we hold our breath and expect His arrival any. minute. now. During Advent, our little family celebrates each week’s light with an Evening Light Event. In addition to … Read More