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  • A Simple Homeschool Schedule to Keep Kids Occupied All Day

    A Simple Homeschool Schedule to Keep Kids Occupied All Day

    Hey, new homeschooler. Are you wondering what you should do with your kids all day? Hi, I’m Laura. I’ve been homeschooling my children for twelve years. I have six kids ranging in age from 1 to 14 years-old and I can tell you one thing… homeschooling is hard but rewarding work! I can’t imagine having…

  • Summer Center: Bugs

    I set up a little table in the dining room that would inspire the girls to read, write, draw, and create in a laid-back way. A few weeks ago, it was flower themed. I forgot to take pictures of it. But, you’ll get the idea from this week’s Bug Theme. It’s not scientific as much…

  • Revved up About Project Life

    Lately, I have felt the wind leave my sails regarding many topics and responsibilities. (It’s amazing how vigorously our hearts rearrange and re-prioritize when we are making room for a baby!) I’ve stepped down from certain memberships, stopped attending certain meetings, and have cut back on field trips and other obligations. I’ve even cut back…

  • 2010 Homemade Christmas

    (SPOILER ALERT! If you are a close relative who may receive a homemade Christmas gift from us this year, stop reading now!) We’ve stocked up on salt and Cream of Tartar to make little containers of Sugar Cookie Play-dough for our friends and relatives this year. We’ll accessorize each tub with a homemade rolling pin…

  • Fingerpainting Indian Corn

    Little fingers dab red, orange, yellow, and brown paint all over and all around, revealing personality differences (one thinks in lines, the other thinks in fluffy puppies). We trek out to the corn fields and select the finest fallen husks. Crinkly, sturdy husks that curl around like the little girls’ hair. Glue is dribbled over…

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