Does life’s brevity haunt you, too?

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I heard the concept “18 Summers” and near-about panicked. If you haven’t heard “18 Summers” yet, the idea is for mothers to savor each June – August because we’ll have a measly 18 summers with each child at home. I quickly did the math and realized that I’m half-out of summers with our oldest. That sent me into a tizzy. … Read More

Can My Children Forgive Me?

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(Tomorrow, I plan to post about how a marshmallow kept me from pulling my hair out. Don’t miss it. Subscribe today!)

How She Won My Heart

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When I delivered Juliette, I wasn’t expecting to feel the same bonding that I felt with our other children. I wasn’t expecting to feel that deep love that took root when I held our first two squirmy, crying, nursing daughters. And yet, I did. She lay so still in the crook of my arm, and my heart gushed with love … Read More

Vivenne’s Quote of the Day

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With great sadness, I wanted to share this with you… Vivienne (to Grandmom): “You know, my mom won’t be bringing the baby home with her from the hospital. But d’ya wanna know what’s great about it? The baby is in Heaven… and didn’t even have to read the Bible to get there!” Some of you knew, some of you didn’t … Read More

The Life He Gives

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Here’s a Memoir: There I stand with our battery-operated weed-whacker. Mid-August. In the backyard, you know, where the woods pushes against our rock wall, persisting on invading our property. I mean it: Persisting. But I will beat it back! I commit. I will kill the invading woods! Even as I rev up the engine, those strong vines boisterously roll over … Read More


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Not too long ago, a friend of mine reminded me about this post. Because I was reading it anyway, I thought I’d post it again. What is Self-Entitlement and How Do I Get Rid of It? Self-entitlement: The attitude that lurks just under my skin, ready to emerge whenever I’ve worked my rear-end off and think I deserve some sort … Read More

They Won’t Throw Tomatoes

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A friend of mine – Sarah Mae – writes blog posts that receive responses from all kinds of women who are trying, listening, discerning, changing, thinking… I really love mulling through the conversations. Recently, Sarah wrote about her desire to embrace godly principles without (or despite) other people feeling judged or throwing rotten tomatoes. Plenty of responders wrote that they … Read More

I am the Keeper

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Sometimes a book sits on a shelf though it should be thrown away. Sometimes a movie or a phrase or an attitude lingers in our home a little too long. Or, rather, sometimes a wall remains blank though it should be beautified. Sometimes a gift remains ungiven a smile, unsmiled a lesson, untaught, a song, unsung in our house too … Read More

The Everlasting Father

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On December 21st, I shared the message, “And His Name Shall Be Called: Everlasting Father“. This is my Christmas gift to you! (Click on the above title; when the new page loads, look for Laura B. – “Everlasting Father”.) *** After you’ve listened, I hope you’ll sing this beloved carol with invigorated understanding:

The Button Jar

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Q: What else can you do with that button jar?? A: Here are some ideas to get you started: * just look at it (seriously, some kids will be thoroughly engaged just looking at it) * pull out last week’s empty egg carton and sort those buttons ’til you’re all sorted out (size, shape, color, number of holes, lights/darks, favorites, … Read More