The Secret to Happy Blogging


Have you noticed the explosion of mommy bloggers bustling about with loads of reviews, giveaways, tips, and encouragement?! I’m one of them, with my two blogs pumping out advice for young mothers. We are one enthusiastic bunch of bloggers, that’s for sure. Readers are gaining so much support and inspiration from the thousands of mommy bloggers. Companies are throwing money … Read More

Blogger Behave Launch!

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Today’s the day! Download Blogger Behave for 50% off all day long. That’s a mere $2.50. Unless you feel like that’s highway-robbery-in-reverse and you’re determined to pay full price tomorrow for what promises to be at least $4.99 worth of wisdom and entertainment, this is the day to jump in on the sale! I am terribly inept at social media, … Read More

Our New Baby!

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This is a big day for us on the little farm. Today we are launching a new website called It’s a new community for moms of the littlest learners. We believe that a happy homeschool begins on the day a baby is born, so we want to encourage all mothers – future homeschoolers or not – to join the … Read More

The Most Important Thing

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“Jesus is not coming for a church that’s gritting her teeth, struggling to stay free from sin, secretly wishing she could indulge in a little immorality No, Jesus is coming for a church utterly devoted to Him – one that is free on the inside. The greatest motivation for obedience comes as we encounter more revelation of who Jesus is.” … Read More

What’s Saved as a Draft?


Do you have a treasure-of-a-post just sitting in your computer, hiding behind the label “draft”? Did you write it in a moment of beautiful passion and you’re just not sure if you have the right to be so beautiful? Or passionate? Does it go to deep places that might inconvenience your readers or change things up a bit? Maybe today’s … Read More

When Not to Multi-Task

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The reason I love the spin-brush is because I can brush my teeth, open the blinds, put a load of laundry in, and straighten the nursery at the same time. It’s two minutes of fantastic multi-tasking. Everyone should use a spin-brush and contribute more to society. (Apparently there are also hygienic benefits.) As I’ve been trying to use twitter and … Read More

You Are as Great as They Say You Are


(photo credit:   Have you noticed this trend lately? An incredible blogger receives the question “How do you do it all?” or something like that, and she writes a post about how she really doesn’t do it all, and she’s really a terrible mess, and you should just see her laundry room, and her kids are complete rug-rats, and, … Read More

Have You Ever Regretted A Post?


(photo credit:CeLeBrAtInG LiFe) It’s crumby, isn’t it? To write a post, publish it, and two days later get that sinking feeling in your gut that “I shouldn’t have done that…” After several years of blogging, I’ve learned that everything having to do with computers must break. Often. So, everything having to do with  computers requires a ton of repair work. … Read More

Introducing My eBook: Get your free sample chapter!

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Blogger Behave: Make your blog benefit your life so you can love both I am thrilled to announce that my eBook is finished, edited, and ready to be loved! Ryan and I have had a blast creating this finished product. (As a mommy, “finished products” are few and far between. I must admit, they feel marvelous!) So, just click on … Read More

Blogging Through the Bible: Leviticus

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As a chronicle of God’s expectations for atoning sacrifices and offerings, the book of Leviticus stirs my heart with awe towards God. These chapters show us that He knows what He wants. Down to the very detail. He knows what pleases His heart. And what does not. It reminds me of a sermon series our pastor shared last year: we … Read More