Blogging Through The Bible

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We’re 28 glorious chapters into reading the Bible in 90 days, and I’m having a blast! (Did you know that no one made fun of Noah when he was building the ark? No one! At least, not that God talks about anyway. So all of that mockery and fist raising that we see in the movies and story books is … Read More

Blog for Your Life: Part 6 “Tackling Social Media Addictions”

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The over-whelming, unplanned theme of the Relevant ’10 blogging conference was a deep brokenness over Social Media addiction. Many women mourned the time they lost with their husbands, children, and friends, because of an unhealthy addiction to a computer or cell phone. Many women returned home with a fresh commitment to prioritize properly and to enjoy their lives. May we … Read More

Blog for Your Life: Part 5 “Is it Okay to Quit?”


YES! It’s okay to quit. Altogether, quit. (Remember, social media doesn’t own you; you own it.) It’s also okay to change things all around. Or to take a break. Not to mention, it’s also okay to quit something else so you can actually focus on your blog the way you really want to, or need to. I was going to … Read More

Blog for Your Life: Part 4 “The Time You Take, Part 2”


Yesterday, we explored two points to consider when deciding the type of time-commitment we want to invest in our blogs. Today, I offer two more: 3. Put your blogging time on a budget – and don’t budge it! We’re big girls now and we have to be honest with ourselves. How much time do we really want to be spending … Read More

Blog for Your Life: Part 3 “The Time You Take Part 1”


Recap from Yesterday: Make blogging work for you by deciding what’s important in your real life. Doing so will help you to blog exclusively about content that benefits your real life. Today, let’s explore how we must make our blog’s time-commitment benefit our real lives. Once we spend some time meditating on the important things in our lives – the … Read More

Blog for Your Life: Part 2 “What’s Important to You?”


(Remember, you’re still chanting: “the blog was created for me; I was not created for the blog”…) In order for blogging to really work for us in a healthy way, we need to evaluate our lives. You know – our “real lives” – the ones that include “real people”, such as mothers, fathers, husbands, children, coworkers, friends, enemies, etc. What’s … Read More

“Blog for Your Life”: A Series


Don’t let the title mislead you. Blogging doesn’t always bring life to a person. Don’t ya know, it can be a downright addiction! We could gorge ourselves online. (Just think of the unending feast of homeschooling, crafting, reading, sporting, child-training ideas!) It can be an obligation with sticky tentacles: we could become slaves to our readers, our advertisers, and our … Read More