Two Lovely Christmas Read-Alouds


If your library happens to have copies of Natalie Savage Carlson’s The Family Under the Bridge or Julia L. Sauer’s The Light at Tern Rock, you may want to check them out, for those moments over the next week or two when you snuggle up on the couch with your children. Short read-alouds, these stories are beautiful, unique, and seasoned … Read More

Curriculum Plans: First Grade

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What’s on the docket? {Yes, yes, Vivienne is only just 5, and other children her age are heading off to Kindergarten this year. But we’re plowing ahead into first grade. I know. True educators are mortified. But we do have good reasons, I promise! I realize that I’ve never explained this to the skeptics or the genuinely concerned educators! Here’s … Read More

What’s in the Bible?

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Speaking of resources for our little ones, do you know about Phil Vischer’s newest project? (Q: “Phil Vischer? Who’s that?” A: The guy who created Bob the Tomato, that’s who!) Anyway, so Phil Vischer’s newest project is called “What’s in the Bible?” and it seems like a fantastic program aimed to increase biblical literacy. Wow! “What’s in the Bible? is, … Read More

The Little House Pilot

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It has worked out so well that my name is “Laura”, making my imaginary transformation into “Laura Ingles Wilder” much more fluid, I believe. I grew up reading, watching, and reliving the prairie-running sweetheart. So, you can imagine my sheer joy that I have now become “Ma”, Vivienne the new “Laura”, and Lia “Carrie”. (We all morph into being “Mary” … Read More