Bible Story Book Recommendation

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It’s times like this when I wish I had Oprah’s platform. Then I could announce brilliant resources and the whole world would know! THEN, I could tell you to look under your seat and you’d have a copy of your very own to enjoy immediately! I really do day-dream about that sometimes… Until then, I’ll do my best to RAVE … Read More

Book Report: A Must Read

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I thought I was done crying. Although we miss Juliette and certain things will catch my heart in my throat, I thought I had endured the depths of mourning and wouldn’t have to cry again, at least not for a while. Then, I read Chapter 1 of Ann’s One Thousand Gifts. When I lay my head on my pillow that … Read More

Blogging Through the Bible: Leviticus

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As a chronicle of God’s expectations for atoning sacrifices and offerings, the book of Leviticus stirs my heart with awe towards God. These chapters show us that He knows what He wants. Down to the very detail. He knows what pleases His heart. And what does not. It reminds me of a sermon series our pastor shared last year: we … Read More

Two Lovely Christmas Read-Alouds


If your library happens to have copies of Natalie Savage Carlson’s The Family Under the Bridge or Julia L. Sauer’s The Light at Tern Rock, you may want to check them out, for those moments over the next week or two when you snuggle up on the couch with your children. Short read-alouds, these stories are beautiful, unique, and seasoned … Read More

Curriculum Plans: First Grade

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What’s on the docket? {Yes, yes, Vivienne is only just 5, and other children her age are heading off to Kindergarten this year. But we’re plowing ahead into first grade. I know. True educators are mortified. But we do have good reasons, I promise! I realize that I’ve never explained this to the skeptics or the genuinely concerned educators! Here’s … Read More

Picture Books to Love

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Have you ever read a picture book by Deborah Hopkinson? I’m telling ya, go to with $20 in hand and you won’t know where to begin. Hopkinson writes perfect little stories that are based on a moment in history, but explode into a whole universe of dialect, imagery, and good plot. She always chooses a different artist, so all … Read More

What’s in the Bible?

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Speaking of resources for our little ones, do you know about Phil Vischer’s newest project? (Q: “Phil Vischer? Who’s that?” A: The guy who created Bob the Tomato, that’s who!) Anyway, so Phil Vischer’s newest project is called “What’s in the Bible?” and it seems like a fantastic program aimed to increase biblical literacy. Wow! “What’s in the Bible? is, … Read More

A Cake out of Mitford

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Dear Mitford fans, You will never believe what came out of my oven yesterday: Esther Bollick’s famous 3-layered orange marmalade cake. You know how it is. After spending so much time in Mitford, a girl just has to find what the fuss is all about! So, I report on the fuss. Here’s why they must all love it: A peculiar, … Read More

The Little House Pilot

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It has worked out so well that my name is “Laura”, making my imaginary transformation into “Laura Ingles Wilder” much more fluid, I believe. I grew up reading, watching, and reliving the prairie-running sweetheart. So, you can imagine my sheer joy that I have now become “Ma”, Vivienne the new “Laura”, and Lia “Carrie”. (We all morph into being “Mary” … Read More

Book Report: The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane


When my 12 year old neighbor recommended her favorite book with these words: “…I had never thought to look at life through the eyes of a porcelain rabbit before…” I knew I just had to run to the library and read the book immediately. And that is how Kate DiCamillo’s The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane has secured a tenured … Read More