How involved should a parent be??

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If you’ve ever hovered over your child too much, you’re not alone. 🙂 It’s easy to be a Helicopter Parent. We just love our kids so much and want them to do well in life. But when we’re too over-protective, we quickly discover the negative side-effects of our well-intentioned hovering. Suddenly, we want to steer our propellers up, up, and … Read More

Help for the Child Who Can’t Fall Asleep at Night

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You’ve tucked your child in bed. An hour later, you hear those familiar little footsteps… What you do next could have a big impact on our child’s heart. Last year, our 7 year old son went through a long season in which he couldn’t fall asleep at night. He would try, honest. Yet every night, when the old farmhouse was … Read More

Do You Want to Train Your Kids in Kindness?

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My friend Steph just emailed this question, “I’m currently reading Corrie ten Boom’s “Tramp for the Lord”. Have you read this? It’s so good. Anyways, in there she’s talking about her first bath and meal after being freed from the Nazi prison and she says that the girls who bathed her were “trained in kindness”. I thought about my girls … Read More

Got a whiney child? Here are 2 things that helped us.

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Lia and I recorded this video SEVEN years ago when she was just two years old. (Isn’t she the cutest thing?) We were working hard on that whining thing because she whined through most of her waking hours. It didn’t help that she was super-small and had no pain tolerance – even the wind hurt her and we heard about it. … Read More

Kids Laugh A Lot

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Kids laugh a lot. A child’s laughter is glorious. Why, just today, my kids were giggling uncontrollably at someone’s antics, and I wished I could bottle their contagious, delightful laughter. I’d treasure that precious bottle forever. Have you ever taken inventory of what makes children laugh? They laugh about a vast array of noises: screams, beeps, blurps, dings, and whistles. … Read More

What I Teach My Children About Time

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Some of us are just starting out, just beginning.

Some of us are in our prime, the most beautiful we will ever be.

And, some of us are coming to the end of our lives here on earth.

The most important thing to remember is that no one knows which one they are.

The Learning Parent Deals: Keep Your Eyes Open

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The Learning Parent keeps running deals on their Character Concept material. I just received an email announcing a free set of character flash cards with the purchase of the book, Crossroads of Character. We’ve been loving this curriculum. If you’re unsure about purchasing the entire curriculum, this book and the flash cards are a great place to start! You can … Read More

A Brush-up on Whining

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We’ve, erm, had to watch this little video again this week. ‘Didn’t know if you are suddenly caught in the trenches of a whiny child, but if you are, try this solution on for size: P.S. The book I mention is the FABULOUS Say Goodbye to Whining, Complaining, and Bad Attitudes in You and Your Kids by Turanksy and Miller.

When Children Speak Their Mind

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Yikes! Vivienne told her teacher, “You have crazy hair!” THEN, to make matters worse, she patted her lovely teacher on the head three times and said, “Puff! Puff! Puff!” Her teacher knows children well enough to laugh, but I remembered the times both girls have innocently commented on someone’s appearance without any concern – or understanding – of the person’s … Read More

Teaching Children How to Pray

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Every night, we gather in the girls’ bedroom and pray together as a family. We want the girls to learn the important work of praying with one another; we want them to realize that we are all coming before God’s throne and presenting our gratitude and requests as one. If you think that the way we describe “prayer” would be … Read More