Confessions of a Whimsical Heart

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(I wrote this post way back in 2007, but reading it again was refreshing to me. I hope it helps a whimsical heart in your life… especially if she’s younger than 25.) Like a butterfly flitting from flower to flower, floating up to the blue autumn sky, then fanning its wings beautifully on a blade of dewy grass only to … Read More

Spend Time with Missionaries

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There’s just something life-changing about spending time with people who have given everything to live truly for Christ. Hardly one percent of such wonderful Saints have been preserved in books, but those who have, we want to read about! I find our hearts opening and responding to God’s Kingdom when we read about missionaries, far and near. People who have … Read More

Face Mistakes Like a Champ!

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It’s inevitable: you and I will make mistakes. Our children will make lots of mistakes. Some days, a house full of humans is a house full of mistakes! Our response to mistakes makes all the difference in the world between a healthy home and an unhealthy home. Instead of breeding denial, callous consciences, or the fear of failure, why not … Read More

Get Ready for Family Fun Friday!

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Can you imagine the unity we will build in our families by planning a refreshing time together every week? Can you imagine the inspiring ideas we’ll come up with in our community? I want to start a meme with you to help us proactively bless our families with consistent togetherness and fun. What do you say to a weekly Family … Read More