“Welcome Home, Daddy!”

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When I was writing the marriage series, Ryan peeked over my shoulder and said, “Are you going to tell them about how you all welcome me home??” I hadn’t thought of that as part of our marriage per se, but Ryan said it’s his favorite part of the day; he said it makes him feel like a million bucks. So, … Read More

Get Ready for Family Fun Friday!

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Can you imagine the unity we will build in our families by planning a refreshing time together every week? Can you imagine the inspiring ideas we’ll come up with in our community? I want to start a meme with you to help us proactively bless our families with consistent togetherness and fun. What do you say to a weekly Family … Read More

My Biggest Secret Yet

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Let’s face it: most of the tips that I post on this blog are little more than theory for me. I’m only 5 years into this motherhood thing and have lots and lots to learn. However, I’m happy to share the things that I find handy because I’ve been so blessed by your insights as we go along together. Some … Read More

Playtime with Drama

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Let’s face it, the common denominator in playing mean mommy and ghost is the EXCITEMENT! We mothers would be remiss not to acknowledge this to our children. After all, sin and evil are exciting to all of us humans. But when we become children of God, we learn two things: 1. That there are certain pleasures and excitements that we … Read More

How To Play GOOD Mommy

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Idea #1: When overcoming a rousing time of mean mommy, the first thing to do is to remind your children how to play good mommy. When I was a little girl, I was happy to rock my babydoll, change her diaper, and take her for walks. The urgency of getting her a nice warm bottle was sufficient drama for me. … Read More

They Were Playing Mean Mommy?!

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We were pulling out of our friends’ driveway when I asked the girls what they had been playing with their friends while we moms talked in the kitchen. With fascination in her voice, Viv replied, “We played mean Mommy!” “Yeah!” Lia chimed in, “Jenny held her dolly up like this and said, “STUpid! STUpid!” Lia held her doll upside down … Read More

Can My Children Forgive Me?

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(Tomorrow, I plan to post about how a marshmallow kept me from pulling my hair out. Don’t miss it. Subscribe today!)

A Tattle-Tale

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Tara, your request for some ideas to combat tattling was timely! We have been addressing that very issue in our home lately. In this Raising Homemakers post, Stacy McDonald explores tattling from its root to its bitter fruit, which is great motivation for moms and dads to address tattling when children are young. Here’s what it looks like practically in … Read More

What I Know Now: A Good Definition of Honor

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Sure, it’s easy to define “obedience,” but God also tells us to “honor” our parents… and one another. The best, most practical definition we’ve heard is this: Honor is: 1. treating someone as special 2. Doing more than what’s expected of you 3. Having a good attitude [field name=iFrame]