Story of the World: Volume 1, Chapter 1

LauraEarly Elementary Education

Ancient Civilizations, here we come! This year is going to be so much fun! We enjoyed our first chapter of Story of the World. We’re reading the book and enjoying the Activity Book. I decided that since Vivienne will be doing narration and composition with her Writing curriculum, we’d hold off on making the history notebook until we cycle back … Read More

Organizing School Work in the Early Years: An Idea

LauraEarly Elementary Education

For the past two years, I’ve used this system for planning and organizing school work. For the Pre-K and K years, it works brilliantly, since the course work is simple. All I need is: 1 file drawer, 4 hanging folders, 20 manilla folders, labeled 1 – 5, 4 times. Every four weeks, I plan the daily lessons for the upcoming … Read More

Outer Space Lesson Plans

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This Outer Space unit was out of this world! Many thanks to: Jolanthe for her Astronaut Preschool Pack Carisa for her Solar System Learning Pack Totally Tots for lots and lots of other ideas and the Space Pack from Musings of Me I divided the two-week unit in the following way: Monday – Tuesday: Take Off! Rockets and Astronauts Wednesday: … Read More

Writing With Ease: A Review of Susan Wise Bauer’s Writing Curriculum

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When I taught composition classes at Penn State University, I was shocked by the students’ inability to write. Not that I was some writing-genius at the time, but I was the instructor of the course and knew what to look for in collegiate writing. My only conclusion was that they were sorely under-prepared in high school. A few years later, … Read More

We Said “First Grade” But We Meant “Kindergarten”

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A while ago, I posted our curriculum plans for “first grade”. On paper, this year was definitely “first grade” for Vivienne – first grade reading, first grade math, you name it. HOWEVER, we learned something important: everyone in the whole wide world groups children according to grade level and not age, so our sweet 5 year old would technically be … Read More

The Phonics Museum: Why I Love It and What I’ll Change

LauraEarly Elementary Education

Recently, a reader asked about The Phonics Museum, which I used with Vivienne last year and this year. I’ve been thinking about updating you about this curriculum, so here are my thoughts now that we are almost finished with the entire program: It is a beautiful curriculum. I truly love the depth of art-appreciation as well as the historical appreciation … Read More

Our (17) New Arrivals!

LauraEarly Elementary Education, Farm Life

Early in the morning, the post office called and told us that we had a very important package awaiting us. The girls scurried out of bed to the sound of 17 chicks peeping! We’re hoping this amounts to 15 hens and 2 roosters. I’m already praying for the development of their nice, gentle personalities and healthy, egg-producing bodies. We had … Read More

Q: “What Do You Do About Science?”

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  A: We live Science (Vivienne, doing the best work of Scientist: loving God’s creation.) As I was slugging through my B.S. in Biology, and working in the pharmacology department at Merck, I had no idea that my education would find its glory days when two little scientists entered our family. Amazingly, God orchestrated my education for the sakes of … Read More

Learning at Home: Another Indispensible Resource

LauraBooks, Early Elementary Education, Preschool

A reader asked what I intend to do with Lia, my three year old, which made me realize that I haven’t used blog space to rave about another favorite resource in a long, long time: Ann Ward’s Learning at Home: A Christian Parent’s Guide with Day-by-Day Lesson Plans Using the Library as a Resource. This is an old, out-of-print GEM … Read More

Consider this Brilliant Resource When Planning Next Year’s Curriculum

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Are you looking for a curriculum that is… EXCELLENT INEXPENSIVE EFFECTIVE? Me, too. With no strings attached, I want to get my two-cents worth into the “Curriculum Planning” hub-bub of Spring! Like many of you, I’ve spent hours pouring over curriculum websites and catalogs, making lists, lists, and more lists of the incredible resources available for my young students. The … Read More