100th Day of School

LauraEarly Elementary Education

Our 100th Day of School began with a special breakfast-in-bed for the two hardworking schoolgirls. Then, the girls decorated “100  Days of School” Crowns: The girls decided what they would do with 100 DOLLARS! (IF the $100 were real, that is.): Vivienne would buy an American Girl Doll. Lia would buy a large stuffed caterpillar. We read Psalm 100 together! … Read More

FIAR: Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening

LauraEarly Elementary Education

As if it were in our lesson plans, the snow fell peacefully just in time for Robert Frost’s Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening. 1.Decorate a Tree for the Birds We were about to haul our Christmas Tree out to the burn pile, when Ryan thought of a brilliant idea: “Let’s sit it out on the porch, fill it … Read More

Getting Outside: Jump Rope

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With one jump rope, even the littlest ones have tons of fun on the tundra. We played “horse”; Lia being a particularly diligent little horse, who even ate imaginary carrots. Then, of course, Viv skipped to her only jump-rope rhyme: “Cinderella, dressed in yellow; went upstairs to kiss a fellow…” Yup. That’s the only jump-rope rhyme she knows. And I … Read More

Getting Outside

LauraEarly Elementary Education, Healthy Living, Motherhood

Okay, okay, I’ll admit it: when it comes to cold weather, the girls and I have become downright wimps.  And I’m the chief offender. I let a perfectly good cold-frame garden die because I just couldn’t go outside in the cold. And wind. And rain. And snow. (Can’t you just hear me whining? Ah, yes, this farmer has some growing … Read More

Sweet Science

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Target has massive bags of candy on sale for $1.50. I don’t mean to be bossy, but buy one. Choose the bag with Nerds, BottleCaps, and SweetTarts. At home, set up mortar and pestle, pipettes, spoons, tiny bowls, sieves. Fill three little bowls: water, baking soda, and vinegar. Let your children mix, dissolve, filter, and fizzle. Though my camera battery … Read More

Need a Smile Today?

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Here’s the cooking video that we shared at by Vivienne! Of course, I’m biased, but I know you’ll just love it!

Playtime with Drama

LauraCharacter Training, Early Elementary Education, Kindergarten, Motherhood

Let’s face it, the common denominator in playing mean mommy and ghost is the EXCITEMENT! We mothers would be remiss not to acknowledge this to our children. After all, sin and evil are exciting to all of us humans. But when we become children of God, we learn two things: 1. That there are certain pleasures and excitements that we … Read More

How To Play GOOD Mommy

LauraCharacter Training, Early Elementary Education, Kindergarten, Motherhood, Preschool

Idea #1: When overcoming a rousing time of mean mommy, the first thing to do is to remind your children how to play good mommy. When I was a little girl, I was happy to rock my babydoll, change her diaper, and take her for walks. The urgency of getting her a nice warm bottle was sufficient drama for me. … Read More

They Were Playing Mean Mommy?!

LauraCharacter Training, Early Elementary Education, Healthy Living, Kindergarten, Motherhood, Preschool

We were pulling out of our friends’ driveway when I asked the girls what they had been playing with their friends while we moms talked in the kitchen. With fascination in her voice, Viv replied, “We played mean Mommy!” “Yeah!” Lia chimed in, “Jenny held her dolly up like this and said, “STUpid! STUpid!” Lia held her doll upside down … Read More

The Dropping Pencil Phenomenom

LauraEarly Elementary Education, Kindergarten, Motherhood

Arg! I have had it with the pencil dropping! I mean, tell me truly, must a five-year-old REALLY drop her pencil after every math problem?! The other day, I realized that I was retrieving said pencil entirely too often (it’s a great exercise for the abs, though). Sometimes said pencil would even mysteriously DISAPPEAR! In which case, I have lovingly … Read More