How to Make an Apple Pie: FIAR

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It’s been apples, apples everywhere around here. To correlate with our field trip to Way Fruit Farm – complete with a tour of the apple orchards and cider-making process, we’ve been reading How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World. Of course, our Five in a Row curriculum provided lots of great ideas to get us started. Outside … Read More

Therapy for a SAHM

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Staying at home with small children has many, many benefits. One, of which, is indulging in therapeutic spa treatments. (You’ve just gotta know where to find ’em!) Today, mine came through making this play-dough recipe. We dribbled in some red coloring and sprinkled on lots of cinnamon. When it came out of the pot, all warm and smooth and spicy, … Read More

What I Know Now: A Good Definition of Honor

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Sure, it’s easy to define “obedience,” but God also tells us to “honor” our parents… and one another. The best, most practical definition we’ve heard is this: Honor is: 1. treating someone as special 2. Doing more than what’s expected of you 3. Having a good attitude [field name=iFrame]

“Mommy, Am I Beautiful?”

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It seems to me, that when a young woman knows the correct answer to this pivotal question, she uses her time more wisely, and she gives more generously. She enjoys godliness with contentment, which is great gain! A young woman who understands the secret of true beauty will build her home with supreme wisdom and fruitfulness. In anticipation of this … Read More

A Brush-up on Whining

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When a Mommy is home with her children all day, whining can truly be a deal-breaker! Even young children can learn how to think better about expressing their needs. The next time your two-year-old (or twenty-two year old) comments only about a problem, let her know THAT is whining and ask her to come up the solution to her problem … Read More

She looks well to the way of her household: Teach Her to Pray

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I’ve said it a million times: nothing – nothing – has inspired my prayer life like having a husband and children. I don’t know about you, but these days, I’m prayin’ all day long: from the constant whispers of, “Thank you, Father! She is adorable! You are a genius!” to the panicky, “Oh-yikes-oh-yikes-oh-yikes! She’s JUST. LIKE. ME. Help, Father!!” A … Read More

It’s in the holding

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That we have arms and eyes and hearts with which to hold love! *** *** *** This post links up with Heart of the Matter’s Student Photo Week. (Oh, you never know the tidbit of inspiration that may come your way at 10 Million Miles… Subscribe today!)

School Room #269

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I was a week late with my curriculum posts, but I’m just in time for the School Room week at the Not Back to School Blog Hop! In truth, I’m counting on the whole farm being a sufficient school room, but here are some snapshots of our indoor workspace. It’s so sunny! You would love it! I am grateful to … Read More

Curriculum Plans: First Grade

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What’s on the docket? {Yes, yes, Vivienne is only just 5, and other children her age are heading off to Kindergarten this year. But we’re plowing ahead into first grade. I know. True educators are mortified. But we do have good reasons, I promise! I realize that I’ve never explained this to the skeptics or the genuinely concerned educators! Here’s … Read More