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  • A Gift for Mother’s Day!

    If you are a mom (or you know a mom) who could use a little boost… …a boost of good cheer, an infusion of strength, a dose of encouragement… Then this book is for you! Here’s what you’ll learn: * How to get to the end of the day and feel like your time and energy…

  • Celebrate Mom! (Free Party-in-a-PDF!)

    Celebrate Mom! (Free Party-in-a-PDF!)

    Think of a mom you love. She’s amazing, right? Maybe she’s just starting out on her motherhood journey. Maybe she’s been a mom for many years now. Maybe she’s facing an exciting or discouraging or intimidating change. You want the best for her. You want to support her. Sooo, I was thinking… what if you…

  • Cheer Her On With a Gift

    Cheer Her On With a Gift

    Do you know a woman who is giving everything she’s got to love a child? Perhaps she’s laying down her life to nurture a biological, foster, or adopted child? Perhaps she’s supporting an adult child, a grandchild, or a spiritual child? Let her know that you see her. Let her know that her work matters.…

  • Just for you: Heaps of Gifts in Motherhood

    Just for you: Heaps of Gifts in Motherhood

    Ten years ago, my friend filled our van with books, toys, games, and clothes that her kids had outgrown. I gave her a HUGE hug and sped home to stack the books on our shelves, hang the clothes in the closets, and play the games with my children. It felt like Christmas! I wish I…

  • The Soundtrack for “Expect Something Beautiful”

    The Soundtrack for “Expect Something Beautiful”

    October 5th can’t come soon enough! It’s the day when you can receive your brand new copy of “Expect Something Beautiful: Finding God’s Good Gifts in Motherhood”. You don’t have to wait until October 5th to learn- and love – the soundtrack! This is the music tucked inside the book. These songs will give you…

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