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  • Where Was God?

    Have you ever wondered if God cares about the affairs of humankind? To what extent is He involved in what’s going on around here? These questions came to mind recently as I studied the story of King David. I’d love for you to join me on this episode of Expect Something Beautiful as I mull…

  • The Disappointing Parachute (New Podcast Episode)

    This story makes me pause and ask the Lord if I am trusting in anything that will ultimately let me down? Am I counting on something as empty as modern technology? Am I putting all of my hope in circumstances, connections, health care plans, good works, my family, my bank account, my politics?  I wonder…

  • Look up! (New Podcast Episode)

    Look up! (New Podcast Episode)

    Back in high school, my cross-country coach would pop up in the most unexpected places along the race route. Maybe I’d be facing the steepest hill on the course or in the middle of a long stretch in the blazing sun, or on a particularly rocky trail in the middle of the woods or sprinting…

  • A Box of Rose Petals (Podcast Episode + Free PDF)

    A Box of Rose Petals (Podcast Episode + Free PDF)

    When you sacrifice for others out of fear, guilt, or an effort to please other people, you are going to feel bitter. You are going to feel unfulfilled. And you won’t see the beautiful growth you were hoping to see. BUT if you lay your life down in God’s love for you – and sacrifice…

  • Having a Catch (new podcast episode)

    Having a Catch (new podcast episode)

    If you are feeling distraught, if you are at the end of your rope, if you are discouraged, feeling empty, even bitter; this episode is especially for you.  In those moments when we can’t wrangle our emotions to line up with the truth of God’s Word, we can at least grab a hold of God’s…

  • Mom to the Rescue

    Mom to the Rescue

    Is there someone on your mind who needs a helping hand, a prayer, and a dose of hope? May this episode of Expect Something Beautiful stir you up to do whatever it takes to reach that person. May God give you a great idea and may He make the way for you! May He surprise…

  • Keeping time like God does

    Keeping time like God does

    Ugh, how often do I find myself feeling impatient with myself, my children, my husband, or anyone else who may not be keeping up with my ideals. The best days are those when I turn to God for help, when I open my hands in surrender and say, “Help me to keep time the way…

  • Bible Study and Bumper Boats

    Bible Study and Bumper Boats

    As the school year begins, many of us church-going-folks are signing up for small groups, Sunday School classes, and Bible studies. How are you feeling about all that? Excited? Ready to dig in and learn? Or are you feeling overwhelmed? Discouraged? Maybe even disinterested? I’ve been there. If that’s how you feel, this episode of…

  • Why Garth Brooks was singing to the sweet corn at 5 a.m.

    Why Garth Brooks was singing to the sweet corn at 5 a.m.

    One of my favorite things about living in the country is discovering the secret tactics of well-seasoned gardeners, farmers, hunters, and whoopie-pie bakers. One summer, I needed some gardening techniques when a critter nibbled our precious sweet corn before we had a chance to harvest it for our picnic. We were crushed. And we wanted…

  • You’re never too far gone. (New podcast episode)

    You’re never too far gone. (New podcast episode)

    When I was a kid, my dad had one big rule: “Don’t do gymnastics in the house.” Did I listen to him? Nope. This podcast episode is about one time when I totally disobeyed and found myself in quite a disaster. It’s also a story about God’s good heart to welcome you and me home…

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