Get Your Child to Play More Games, Solve More Puzzles, and Exercise Creativity

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Don’t you just love when your child is totally absorbed in creating, puzzling, or playing? I do! We have a closet full of incredible games and toys – solitaire marbles, colored blocks, a Buddha board, dominoes, chess – but with a baby crawling around, I haven’t known what to do with all of those tiny pieces and fragile items. So, … Read More

Family Fun Friday: Our 24 Family Ways #1

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“We love and obey our Lord Jesus Christ with wholehearted devotion.” That’s our very first Family Way. We’ve finally begun Clay Clarkson’s Our 24 Family Ways and have decided to integrate them into Family Fun Friday. Because Ryan has been following a Bible reading plan for our evening devotions, I decided to incorporate the weekly lessons during my morning devotional … Read More

Family Fun Friday

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Last Friday, we were just relaxing and enjoying our extended family over the Thanksgiving weekend. The girls love spending time with our relatives on both sides of the family; they were happy beyond belief to spend this weekend with my side of the family. We love heading to my parents’ home and spending that long weekend with family. There are … Read More