A Study in Letting Your Guard Down

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Saturday morning I thought I’d drop Viv off at ballet, go grocery shopping, and take a few of the younger kiddos to the local Insect Fair where you can eat chocolate-covered crickets and see the model of a giant ant. Somehow, the day veered in a different direction and, instead of the Insect Fair, we welcomed two goats into the … Read More

Not a Machine

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I was buzzing about my day, accomplishing everything on my extensive to-do list, when one thought changed my life. It happened the day I pulled the car into the garage after grocery shopping – keeping within our budget, mind you – and using a handful of coupons. I had selected the finest fruits and vegetables, bought all-natural snacks, and befriended … Read More

The Kitty Who Came Home

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‘Remember Flora, the too-tiny kitty who had to go back home to her mother? Well, she grew and grew, and now she’s back to stay! (In fact, she did stay – INSIDE – one night, accidentally.) She jumps and skips around the jump rope as the girls train her to be a sharp mouser.  

How to Describe Us

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When my sister, Erin, was visiting, I was hauling a bucket of tomatoes into the kitchen and she and Viv were returning from the hen house with a basket of eggs, when she said that our lives here on the farm can be summarized by this: “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.” I laughed, because she’s so … Read More

Our First Homestead Wedding

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The musicians sang about the Wedding Feast that we will all enjoy when Jesus returns; and, truly, for one full day, we all caught a glimpse of what it will be like. The bride walked down the aisle first and waited… and then her groom, so long awaited, walked in, surrounded by his friends. When their eyes met, everyone remembered, … Read More