New Friend

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Flora visited our farm for two days before we needed to return her to Mother Cat at a neighboring farm. In the meantime, she was perfectly happy with her surrogate mother who picked the kitten up so gently, talked face-to-face with her, and sang kitten lullabies…

3 (Simple) Ways to Simplify Life

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1. Baskets! One basket sits by the kitchen table, holding our meal-time books. One basket sits behind a stuffed chair, holding blocks. One basket snuggles up to the couch, holding library books. Baskets are an amazing invention: they look good, and they are easy to put things into. (An essential quality if we want little ones to help clean up!) … Read More

Our (17) New Arrivals!

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Early in the morning, the post office called and told us that we had a very important package awaiting us. The girls scurried out of bed to the sound of 17 chicks peeping! We’re hoping this amounts to 15 hens and 2 roosters. I’m already praying for the development of their nice, gentle personalities and healthy, egg-producing bodies. We had … Read More

Q: “What Do You Do About Science?”

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  A: We live Science (Vivienne, doing the best work of Scientist: loving God’s creation.) As I was slugging through my B.S. in Biology, and working in the pharmacology department at Merck, I had no idea that my education would find its glory days when two little scientists entered our family. Amazingly, God orchestrated my education for the sakes of … Read More