Category: Farm Life

  • The Fruit of Over-coming

    What gave us the advantage in our race against nature to the next red, ripe strawberry? Was it the netting, the slug traps, or the spooky owl that we set in the garden? Who cares! We won! This is my portion of our first-fruits.

  • Gone, But Not Forgotten (or, Why We’re Adding an Owl Decoy, a Net, and a Racket to our Garden)

    We were going to pick it tonight and divide it into four perfect parts: one sweet taste for each of us. As it turns out, we weren’t the only ones with our eyes on the first, red, ripe strawberry of the season.  

  • Delighted in Spring

    Is there any greater pleasure in life than beauty? These pink tulips surprised me this Spring, bursting with color on a slope by our home.

  • New Friend

    Flora visited our farm for two days before we needed to return her to Mother Cat at a neighboring farm. In the meantime, she was perfectly happy with her surrogate mother who picked the kitten up so gently, talked face-to-face with her, and sang kitten lullabies…

  • By the Creekbank

    I thought it would be fun – exploring our very own creek, taking first-steps in a bed that promises hours and hours of play in the years to come. And it was fun. Until, of course, we packed up all of the sand toys and water bottles, and I tried to lug us back up…

  • The Truth About Chickens

    As of a few months ago, I was very skeptical about all of those folks who say, “Chickens are easy!” But, I must say, with 3 full months of chicken-experience behind us, “Chickens are easy!” Of course, Ryan has done most of the hard work (building their first home as well as their enclosed stall…

  • 3 (Simple) Ways to Simplify Life

    1. Baskets! One basket sits by the kitchen table, holding our meal-time books. One basket sits behind a stuffed chair, holding blocks. One basket snuggles up to the couch, holding library books. Baskets are an amazing invention: they look good, and they are easy to put things into. (An essential quality if we want little…

  • The Quiet Gift of 150 Years

    We walked out to assess the damage of the downed tree. (The one by the stream that grew for 150 years, over-looking generations of farmers, cattle, and wildflowers.) For 150 years, it grew and was still growing! Until a wind tipped it over. 150 years! Ryan said that all of that growing will give us…

  • Our (17) New Arrivals!

    Early in the morning, the post office called and told us that we had a very important package awaiting us. The girls scurried out of bed to the sound of 17 chicks peeping! We’re hoping this amounts to 15 hens and 2 roosters. I’m already praying for the development of their nice, gentle personalities and…

  • Q: “What Do You Do About Science?”

      A: We live Science (Vivienne, doing the best work of Scientist: loving God’s creation.) As I was slugging through my B.S. in Biology, and working in the pharmacology department at Merck, I had no idea that my education would find its glory days when two little scientists entered our family. Amazingly, God orchestrated my…

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