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  • Our Neighbor Has a Dog Eating Turkey

    (This story is inspired by Gooney Bird Greene, a little girl who I wish I had met a long time ago, but who taught Vivienne and me tons about how to share the stories of our lives. If you’ve seen her name on recommended readings lists, don’t be turned off by the title or the…

  • Overheard

    As Lia held up a slice of fresh bread: “AH! A nice, clean piece of bread, straight from the bread-chicken.”

  • Climb Up My Apple Tree

    (Remember that rhyme, “Cici, my playmate…”?) Our one huge apple tree has been transformed into pies, pies, and more pies, not to mention a shelf full of applesauce and canned apples. Delicious. That’s not without some old fashioned labor though, which you’ll have to imagine for yourself. (I didn’t snap a picture of Ryan balancing…

  • Winds of Change

    This summer, Ryan built a windmill. The wind spins the blades, which send power through a long black tube, running across the field and into the pond, where it is attached to an aerator that sits in a bucket at the bottom of the pond. The aerator sends air bubbles up to the surface of…

  • Autumn Decorations

    This girl couldn’t be giddier: a new home and a new blog… in the FALL!  Needless to say, I’m in nesting heaven. I pulled the “Autumn Decorations” bin out of the attic and was not impressed by the handful of pumpkin-like-things that stared up at me. What had filled our old house “to the rafters”, …

  • It’s In the Savoring

    Is it summer, beauty, youthfulness, flavor, or joy? Whatever good is before you today, savor it full… and your heart will well up in grateful praise. *** *** *** *** (Oh, you never know the tidbit of inspiration that may come your way at 10 Million Miles… Subscribe today!)

  • A Fireflyologist

    Enjoy the remaining summer evenings by joining the firefly watch! The Museum of Science in Boston is asking regular folks like you and me (and our firefly-loving kids) to observe the fireflies that frequent our habitats. We typed in our first field journal entry tonight. The website provides a simple explanation of the differences in…

  • What they don’t tell you at the Farm Store

    I’ve been countin’ on the folks at the local farm store to be my wealth of information. But, I’ve discovered a few important things that they seem to overlook. For example, they don’t tell you not to paint your toe nails red. And they really should. Being farm specialists and all. It would make strawberry-picking…

  • Here, Kitty-Kitty!

    (This post is dedicated to my sister, Erin. Who, if memory serves me right, once had 3 cats walking across her out-stretched arms at the same time.) And who got all of the cat-loving genes in our family. In fact, she got so many of the cat-loving genes, that I got negative cat-loving genes. Or,…

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