The Funny Side of Things

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Of course, being so open about Juliette’s death and burying her on the farm has sparked some humorous moments, too. Like when Vivienne’s friend said, “Vivienne said that the baby is buried over there, but I can’t see her.” To which, I gently replied, “Oh honey, that’s because we buried her under the ground.” To which she insisted, “I know, … Read More

On The First Day of Summer, 2010

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…Vivienne had her first underwater tea party. (Sorry, didn’t bring the Nikon to the local pool. We’ll remember it in our hearts.) …We picked 1 cup of raspberries from our wild plants. (Only 4 more cups before we make that pie!) …We signed up for a Gold Card at the (new-to-us) local grocery store and saved $8! (Just LOOK at … Read More

Strawberry Season

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In the oven today: Strawberry Muffins (A recipe from a B&B that Ryan and I visited on one of our wedding anniversaries.) 400* Grease muffin tin. Sift: 2 C flour 2/3 C sugar 3 t. baking powder 1/2 t. salt Cut in: 1/3 C soft butter Stir in: zest from 1 lemon Mix together: 3/4 C milk 1 t. vanilla … Read More

Let the Fun Begin

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One of the best things about living on the farm is that people love it (especially children)! Although we are looking forward to inviting a couple of chickens over, we’d much rather have dear friends. And look! The fun has begun!


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“how to hatch chicken eggs” Just call me Farmer Laura. Yes, we hatched eggs in Kindergarten years ago, too. But it is suspiciously more difficult this time around. Let’s just say there was a LOT the teacher didn’t tell us.

Light in the Shadows

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Amidst the mourning, there are rays of pure light. Like when I saw Ryan riding the tractor down the lane for the first time. Like when Vivienne swings tirelessly on the tire swing. Like when Lia does, well, just about anything. My life surrounded by such beloved people. After all of the loving and heartache that goes on in a … Read More

When Moving to a Farm…Part 3

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Gather your beloved family close and make a place for each one. On Sunday, we buried Juliette Abigail Booz (Young one; Joy of the Father) in a beautiful place by the water, right here with us. *** God opened the roses just in time for her memorial. *** Losing Juliette is truly the most difficult experience of my life. Yet, … Read More