Category: First Grade

  • Simple Strategies for Teaching Your Child Math and Reading at Home

    Simple Strategies for Teaching Your Child Math and Reading at Home

    The “backward 5” has happened to all of my kindergartners. They work SO hard to make their “5” face the right direction, but if they take a break from academics, they return to their desks and write their “5’s” backward again. Maybe it’s genetic? Maybe it’s universal? I dunno. But I do know that our…

  • First Day Flop

    I had great plans for our first day of school etched in my notebook. It was going to be a day of introductions to the vigorous first grade curriculum that I compiled. And, in my wildest dreams, it was going to flow right into Day 2, when we would get right down to work for…

  • First Grade Curriculum

    A friend of mine recently asked about our choices for First Grade curriculum. I didn’t have a chance to go through the list with her yet, so I thought I’d gather all my thoughts and links here and share them with you, too! DISCLAIMER: From one curriculum-junkie to another-possible-curriculum junkie: if you are happy with…

  • Morning Circle Time: Preschool and First Grade

    During the “school year”, we enjoy a Morning Circle Time at the breakfast table. Typically, I read from a devotional book as the girls eat. Afterward, we find the date on the calendar, and do a couple of exercises that correspond with the girls’ readiness (i.e. we talk about the weather, make the date with…

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