“The Sky is Blue” and How My Prayer Life Has Soared

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Our Sunday School class just finished an incredible book called The Praying Life by Paul Miller. Ryan and I are still reading it aloud together, so we’ll be savoring it for a while. One of the most powerful take-away points for me was Miller’s encouragement to pray about the things that seem as unchangeable as the color of the sky. … Read More

Not a Machine

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I was buzzing about my day, accomplishing everything on my extensive to-do list, when one thought changed my life. It happened the day I pulled the car into the garage after grocery shopping – keeping within our budget, mind you – and using a handful of coupons. I had selected the finest fruits and vegetables, bought all-natural snacks, and befriended … Read More

The Most Important Thing

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“Jesus is not coming for a church that’s gritting her teeth, struggling to stay free from sin, secretly wishing she could indulge in a little immorality No, Jesus is coming for a church utterly devoted to Him – one that is free on the inside. The greatest motivation for obedience comes as we encounter more revelation of who Jesus is.” … Read More


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This afternoon, we enjoyed a delightful tea party in the shade of the lilac bush. We read encouragement from Ephesians, poetry from Stevenson and Milne, and a chapter in Charlotte’s Web. Lia kept a British accent and a prim little chin the entire morning. She’s the fanciest farm girl I’ve ever known. In the basket: Queen Cakes Ingredients: 1/2 C … Read More

3 (Simple) Ways to Simplify Life

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1. Baskets! One basket sits by the kitchen table, holding our meal-time books. One basket sits behind a stuffed chair, holding blocks. One basket snuggles up to the couch, holding library books. Baskets are an amazing invention: they look good, and they are easy to put things into. (An essential quality if we want little ones to help clean up!) … Read More

What Did You Hear?

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  Perhaps the stars emit a sound wave that is a symphony we cannot hear. Perhaps the sky is etched with words of wisdom that our illiteracy calls “nimbus clouds,” and “weather patterns”. Perhaps the rocks resonate with rejoicings that we cannot recognize as crying out, yet it is. Perhaps the trees of the fields have arms and hands that … Read More

Why the Internet is Full of Temptations (and what we can do about it)

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In our home, we aim to use the utmost discretion with our online time and interests; Covenant Eyes helps us to make wise choices and honor our relationships. The following post is written by Luke Gilkerson, a representative of Covenant Eyes, an online accountability program that Ryan and I use and promote. After reading Luke’s post, please consider subscribing to … Read More