Why the Internet is Full of Temptations (and what we can do about it)

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In our home, we aim to use the utmost discretion with our online time and interests; Covenant Eyes helps us to make wise choices and honor our relationships. The following post is written by Luke Gilkerson, a representative of Covenant Eyes, an online accountability program that Ryan and I use and promote. After reading Luke’s post, please consider subscribing to … Read More

Watching My Words

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This sermon by Sinclair Ferguson encouraged me greatly regarding the words that I speak. Maybe you’ll enjoy it, too. You can find it here: The Tongue, the Bridle, and the Blessing: An Exposition of James 3: 1 – 12. The ability, by God’s grace, to say the right thing, to the right person, at the right time, in the power … Read More

The Parachute: A Story About Thinking Before You Jump

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(Photo found through google…) The year was 1990. I was in sixth grade. P.E. class was an awkward mess of polyester gym shorts and high-top sneakers left over from the eighties. Our teacher, Mr. Zook, divided the year into units: the scooter unit, the basketball unit, the Presidential Fitness Award unit, and so on. My two favorites were the gymnastics … Read More

When Food Is an Uphill Battle

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A close friend of mine is preparing to get married sometime soon and she is concerned about all of the cooking. She asked for my advice, thinking that I’d say, “Oh, it’s a piece of cake!” But my smile faded and I said, “Honestly, food has been an uphill battle for me.” It’s not easy to plan meals, prepare meals, … Read More

Friends Don’t Let Friends Dye Their Hair

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Some time has passed since I’ve written about the stillbirth of our daughter. At the time, I wrote some serious and reflective words. And now, I feel the freedom and passion to write some not-as-serious, but kind-of-important words. You might find them insensitive or inappropriate, but I think any woman would appreciate the insight you’ll have in your back pocket … Read More

Looking for Beauty

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The day was dragging on. Then, I grabbed my camera. Viv and I bundled up and headed outside in search of beauty.     Of all the miraculous, beautiful scenes that captured my heart and attention, this was by far my favorite.

A New Year’s Resolution that Worked

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Remember when I committed to getting ourselves outside every day this winter? Have you been wondering about our progress? Well, the commitment and the chart worked wonders! We braved our way into the cold nearly every day in January and February. Sometimes, it was so cold out that we just fed the birds and scampered back indoors; other times, we … Read More

God Help You if You are a Phoenix

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(This post is modified from my ancient archives.) Remember learning about the Pheonix in eighth grade mythology class? It’s the bird-like fire spirit that lives for hundreds of years, until it builds itself a nest to die in. At once, the nest and the bird are ignited, and burnt down into ashes. Just when the whole story seems dead and … Read More

Confessions of a Whimsical Heart

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(I wrote this post way back in 2007, but reading it again was refreshing to me. I hope it helps a whimsical heart in your life… especially if she’s younger than 25.) Like a butterfly flitting from flower to flower, floating up to the blue autumn sky, then fanning its wings beautifully on a blade of dewy grass only to … Read More

Is It Here Yet?!

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Mouth wide-open, she juts her lower jaw in my direction. A row of tiny baby teeth stare up at me. Her eyes are eager for my evaluation. With jaw jutted out, she manages to ask “Is it yoose yet?” she asks excitedly. I press the tip of my pointer finger to the tip of her tooth and move it back … Read More