Watching My Words

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This sermon by Sinclair Ferguson encouraged me greatly regarding the words that I speak. Maybe you’ll enjoy it, too. You can find it here: The Tongue, the Bridle, and the Blessing: An Exposition of James 3: 1 – 12. The ability, by God’s grace, to say the right thing, to the right person, at the right time, in the power … Read More

The Parachute: A Story About Thinking Before You Jump

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(Photo found through google…) The year was 1990. I was in sixth grade. P.E. class was an awkward mess of polyester gym shorts and high-top sneakers left over from the eighties. Our teacher, Mr. Zook, divided the year into units: the scooter unit, the basketball unit, the Presidential Fitness Award unit, and so on. My two favorites were the gymnastics … Read More

Friends Don’t Let Friends Dye Their Hair

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Some time has passed since I’ve written about the stillbirth of our daughter. At the time, I wrote some serious and reflective words. And now, I feel the freedom and passion to write some not-as-serious, but kind-of-important words. You might find them insensitive or inappropriate, but I think any woman would appreciate the insight you’ll have in your back pocket … Read More

Confessions of a Whimsical Heart

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(I wrote this post way back in 2007, but reading it again was refreshing to me. I hope it helps a whimsical heart in your life… especially if she’s younger than 25.) Like a butterfly flitting from flower to flower, floating up to the blue autumn sky, then fanning its wings beautifully on a blade of dewy grass only to … Read More

Getting Outside: Jump Rope

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With one jump rope, even the littlest ones have tons of fun on the tundra. We played “horse”; Lia being a particularly diligent little horse, who even ate imaginary carrots. Then, of course, Viv skipped to her only jump-rope rhyme: “Cinderella, dressed in yellow; went upstairs to kiss a fellow…” Yup. That’s the only jump-rope rhyme she knows. And I … Read More