Getting Outside: Jump Rope

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With one jump rope, even the littlest ones have tons of fun on the tundra. We played “horse”; Lia being a particularly diligent little horse, who even ate imaginary carrots. Then, of course, Viv skipped to her only jump-rope rhyme: “Cinderella, dressed in yellow; went upstairs to kiss a fellow…” Yup. That’s the only jump-rope rhyme she knows. And I … Read More

Getting Outside

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Okay, okay, I’ll admit it: when it comes to cold weather, the girls and I have become downright wimps.  And I’m the chief offender. I let a perfectly good cold-frame garden die because I just couldn’t go outside in the cold. And wind. And rain. And snow. (Can’t you just hear me whining? Ah, yes, this farmer has some growing … Read More

May I Give a Gift Like Mary

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When Mary of Bethany poured ointment on Christ’s feet, anointing Him for His imminent burial, she said “yes” to the cross. Her gift said “yes” to the prophecies, “yes” to the miracles, “yes” to the suffering, “yes” to the redemption, “yes” to Jesus Christ of Nazareth – our ransom from Heaven. In her actions, she was saying, “It’s okay that … Read More

How We May See Each Other: A Proposal

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There are times when I’ve been pretty honest on this blog. Times when I’ve exposed deep places of my heart; times when I’ve even shared deep places of our home-life, for better and for worse. Always, my motivation is to show the miraculous grace of God. Always, my desire is to be honest about our human walk on this planet … Read More


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It comes in two different forms: 1. Another female has just explained her super-inspiring career, turns to face you and asks, “And what do you do?” 2. You need to fill out a form that asks, “Where do you work?” or “Career?” These questions have the power to turn the loveliest stay-at-home-mothers into mushy, apologetic, jealous, defensive, and insecure lumps. … Read More

Singing “Sleep” With Hundreds Others

LauraHealthy Living, Marriage

These past few months have been full of enriching experiences around here. Ryan and I have become a force to be reckoned with! He has taught me how to drive the tractor so that I can mow the lawn;  we’ve adopted a new home, 2 cats, and millions of green beans; we’ve stayed up way too late canning peaches, pears, … Read More

They Were Playing Mean Mommy?!

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We were pulling out of our friends’ driveway when I asked the girls what they had been playing with their friends while we moms talked in the kitchen. With fascination in her voice, Viv replied, “We played mean Mommy!” “Yeah!” Lia chimed in, “Jenny held her dolly up like this and said, “STUpid! STUpid!” Lia held her doll upside down … Read More

Can My Children Forgive Me?

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(Tomorrow, I plan to post about how a marshmallow kept me from pulling my hair out. Don’t miss it. Subscribe today!)

Climb Up My Apple Tree

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(Remember that rhyme, “Cici, my playmate…”?) Our one huge apple tree has been transformed into pies, pies, and more pies, not to mention a shelf full of applesauce and canned apples. Delicious. That’s not without some old fashioned labor though, which you’ll have to imagine for yourself. (I didn’t snap a picture of Ryan balancing on a tree limb whacking … Read More

What Due Dates Mean

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Maybe you’ll remember that I posted this same photo way back in February. At the time, I was enjoying the early weeks of my third pregnancy. I was happy and content as I felt life growing and changing inside of me. Yet, I glimpsed something profound about Lia asking to wear her bathing suit for two weeks in a row, … Read More