Teach Your Baby to Read: The Secrets to a Literary Education

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Tucked in your daily routine are the secrets to your child’s literary education. You’ll want to know what these are because your child’s literacy depends more on his grasp of the stuff of life¬†than on his ability to decipher short-vowel sounds. After all, you and I can understand literature not only because we can physically¬†read, but also because we can … Read More

Candy Experiments: SWEET!

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(Blowing bubbles into the water to see that air floats! Don’t worry – they weren’t drinking it!) We had a blast doing candy experiments with leftover candy. I snagged some clearance bags of warheads, nerds, crunch bars, skittles, m&m’s… and we got to work! I found all of the ideas at Candy Experiments and typed out my own lab sheets. … Read More

The Joy of Reading…


As part of the library’s summer reading program, Vivienne has been reading silently for 30 minutes each day. She finished the first book in Beverly Lewis’ Cul-de-sac Kids series the other day. Just when I was about to hand her the second book in the series, I noticed that it was missing. It turns out, she had already gotten it … Read More

We Said “First Grade” But We Meant “Kindergarten”

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A while ago, I posted our curriculum plans for “first grade”. On paper, this year was definitely “first grade” for Vivienne – first grade reading, first grade math, you name it. HOWEVER, we learned something important: everyone in the whole wide world groups children according to grade level and not age, so our sweet 5 year old would technically be … Read More

Getting Outside: Jump Rope

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With one jump rope, even the littlest ones have tons of fun on the tundra. We played “horse”; Lia being a particularly diligent little horse, who even ate imaginary carrots. Then, of course, Viv skipped to her only jump-rope rhyme: “Cinderella, dressed in yellow; went upstairs to kiss a fellow…” Yup. That’s the only jump-rope rhyme she knows. And I … Read More

Sweet Science

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Target has massive bags of candy on sale for $1.50. I don’t mean to be bossy, but buy one. Choose the bag with Nerds, BottleCaps, and SweetTarts. At home, set up mortar and pestle, pipettes, spoons, tiny bowls, sieves. Fill three little bowls: water, baking soda, and vinegar. Let your children mix, dissolve, filter, and fizzle. Though my camera battery … Read More

Hammer a Pumpkin

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You were on my mind this weekend. ‘Thought you might be itchin’ for an inspiring activity to occupy your children and your pumpkins. Your wish is my command. Grab some nails, sturdy hammers, and get to work hammering pumpkins! The nails slip in so easily, even the littlest workers can succeed. Older children might want to create a design; all … Read More

Playtime with Drama

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Let’s face it, the common denominator in playing mean mommy and ghost is the EXCITEMENT! We mothers would be remiss not to acknowledge this to our children. After all, sin and evil are exciting to all of us humans. But when we become children of God, we learn two things: 1. That there are certain pleasures and excitements that we … Read More