How to Read Aloud: Part 3

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Tip: If you’ve gone to the trouble of developing a voice for a character, use it! Pull it into the parts of the story that aren’t direct quotations, but are expressions of the character’s thoughts or feelings. Here’s what I mean: Get a real accent! (Oh, the inspiration that may come your way through 10 Million Miles… Become a follower … Read More

How To Read Aloud: Part 1

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One of the reasons I love homeschooling is because it gives us so much time to read, read, read! How valuable the hours have been sitting at the kitchen table or snuggled up in the rocking chair with my daughters and some good books. I’ll tell ya what, though, I’d be sunk if I didn’t enjoy the process of reading … Read More

A Fireflyologist

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Enjoy the remaining summer evenings by joining the firefly watch! The Museum of Science in Boston is asking regular folks like you and me (and our firefly-loving kids) to observe the fireflies that frequent our habitats. We typed in our first field journal entry tonight. The website provides a simple explanation of the differences in color, flash pattern, and behaviors … Read More

Lamination in the Nation

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Thanks to a tip from Carissa at 1+1+1=1, I scored a deal on a laminator! (Who needs a teaching certificate when she can just buy a laminator?! I will always remember the laminated cards that my kindergarten teacher used to flip and flap against one another, making that perfect laminated sound… In fact, it was one of the first things … Read More

Pre-K: Work worth doing

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Thank God we know our own kids well. And when it comes to forecasting their academic endeavors, I think we parents have a pretty good corner on the market. This is a gift from God to homeschoolers; we can prepare our children for fruitful tomorrows by strengthening them today. Heading into the big Kindergarten year, I knew that my eldest was a delicate … Read More

CHAP Treasures: Andrew Pudewa

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Now that I’m engrossed in the Pre-K/ K/ 1st grade world, I sometimes get real lonesome for that good old academic talk: you know, all the theory, essays, and composition of grad school and college. Well, this past weekend, Andrew Pudewa’s sessions kicked up the dirt of my past English trail and I felt like I was listening to an … Read More

CHAP Treasures: George Sarris

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This week, I’ll pass along a few of the treasures we discovered at this year’s incredible CHAP convention. (“CHAP” convention?? Yes, the Christian Homeschool Association of Pennsylvania, naturally. It’s one of the largest homeschooling conventions in the country and is held in our very own Harrisburg every year. Two years ago, as I anticipated my first attendance, I was told, … Read More