When Ministry Happens in Fits and Starts

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 (“Women’s Ministry”.) For years, I’ve aspired to be like the faithful Sunday School teacher who serves her post for 50 years, loving generations of children, sharing the gospel with countless young people who gather at her table week after week. I’ve day-dreamed about looking back over the years and noticing that my faithful involvement in a community, or a person, … Read More

How to Begin and Nurture a Mentoring Relationship: It’s a Blessing We Can’t Afford to Miss!

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To complement my post at Revive Our Hearts True Woman Blog today, I thought I’d write about a way in which God has used biblical mentoring in my life. Many, many women have enriched my life over the years – my own mother being at the very top of the list – but I thought that today, I’d share one … Read More

Will Today’s Headlines Shape Civilization?


Do you ever wonder if God is truly attentive to the world’s affairs? Does He care about politics? Does He care where we live and what we do with our time? Are our concerns His concerns? The book of Esther sheds light on these age-old questions. We’ve been studying Esther in our local women’s Bible study and I was blown … Read More

How to Get Your Life Back from Distraction, Depression, and Distance

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Here’s the mystery that I am counting on: by walking away from a busy, accomplishment-oriented lifestyle into a quiet world of deep relationships, service, and home-life, I will establish a far-reaching legacy that extends throughout many generations. I don’t want this conviction to fade from my daily choices. So, if I must quit or drastically change something in order to protect my relationship with God, I hope I will. At the same time, if I need to grow and increase my responsibilities in order to obey God, I hope I will.

25 Questions to Find the Gold in a Christian Woman’s Heart

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How can women learn to live godly, Christian lives? Scripture tells us that we are to teach one another. The beloved model in the book of Titus is that older women should teach younger women how to live and love. But that model is sometimes difficult to achieve. In reality, the teaching and learning amongst women in the church does … Read More

Christians Are Not a Dying Breed


I know people say things like “the younger generation is leaving the church,” and that “Christians are a shrinking minority”. I know that polls point to our sure disappearance, but I also know something to encourage our fainting hearts: Christianity is thriving in God’s hands and Christians are not a dying breed. We never will be.

Is God Truly Providing for Me? Sometimes I Wonder.

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This evening, some friends gathered around the fireplace. We opened our Bibles together and talked about how God provided abundantly for Ruth through Boaz. She was the poor, hungry, foreigner who received loads of grain, enthusiastic acceptance into the Israelite community, and an inheritance that resulted in eternal salvation. Amazing! That’s just God’s style, isn’t it? When He provides, He … Read More

When You Feel Invisible, You Glorify God.

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An 80 year-old woman joined our women’s Bible study today after 25 years of caring for her ill husband. Over the past 5 years, he has required her constant care and company, so she hasn’t had the opportunity to attend Bible studies or to serve in the church. He died in January. So, here she is stepping out into the … Read More