3 Weeks of Kindergarten

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Things I’ve learned in the first 3 weeks of Kindergarten: SCHEDULE FACTS: * Circle Time is 10 minutes. Max. We sing, we do the calendar, we pray, we read a very short passage of Scripture, and review our memory verse. And that’s it. Otherwise, Lia is long gone (and, therefore, so is Vivienne). So for the time being, we will … Read More

It’s My Store

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‘You know how a shop-owner is ultimately responsible for everything in the store – including the personnel? If the first-shift clerk doesn’t show up to open the shop, sweep the floor, and handle the first 8 hours of customers, the shop-owner rolls out of bed, cancels her plans for the day, and does it herself. Why? Because… it’s her store! … Read More


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Not too long ago, a friend of mine reminded me about this post. Because I was reading it anyway, I thought I’d post it again. What is Self-Entitlement and How Do I Get Rid of It? Self-entitlement: The attitude that lurks just under my skin, ready to emerge whenever I’ve worked my rear-end off and think I deserve some sort … Read More

One’s Vocation

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“The purpose of one’s vocation, whatever it might be, is serving others.” – C.J. Mahaney “Biblical Productivity“ “Jesus called them unto him, and said, Ye know that he princes of the Gentiles exercise dominion over them and they that are great exercise authority upon them. But it shall not be so aong you: but whosoever will be great aong you, … Read More

A Game: “After-Dinner Mint”

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This month, I’ve been getting ready to establish Vivienne’s four chores for the fall: 1. setting the table, 2. making her bed, 3. sweeping up after dinner, and 4. folding some of the laundry. We’re going to try this without charts, stickers, and allowance because I am so overwhelmed by all of the PRIZES PRIZES PRIZES. Every time I turn … Read More

They Won’t Throw Tomatoes

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A friend of mine – Sarah Mae – writes blog posts that receive responses from all kinds of women who are trying, listening, discerning, changing, thinking… I really love mulling through the conversations. Recently, Sarah wrote about her desire to embrace godly principles without (or despite) other people feeling judged or throwing rotten tomatoes. Plenty of responders wrote that they … Read More

Not Back-to-School Blog Hop: Curriculum Week


To me (a self-confessed nerdy-book-loving teacher), a sweet aspect of homeschooling is the process of choosing curriculum and making plans, plans, plans! (That’s why I’ve been “homeschooling” for four years already and my oldest is only entering Kindergarten… She’s been a good sport.) So, I am thrilled to join the excited homeschooling masses in the “Not Back-to School Blog Hop”. … Read More

Because I am Home…


Because I am home, I am able to see this unfold over a 5-day period. Just scribbles in a notebook, to some. The unfolding of a rose, to me. I knew it was profound when – on the fifth day – I watched in awe as my daughter slowly and silently told her pencil which way to go, disciplining her … Read More

Was it a dream or…?

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Vivienne: Mom, weren’t you outside with me at Vacation Bible school during the games? Me: No… I was up in my classroom. Why? Vivienne (clearly stumped): Well… hmm… I was sure you were there, too… Or, maybe it was a dream… Hmm… I just can’t remember if it was real or if it was a dream! Me: What happened? Maybe … Read More