Beautiful faces…

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“Mom, is she beautiful??” In anticipation of questions like this, I memorized this poem: Beautiful faces are they that wear The light of a pleasant spirit there. Beautiful hands are they that do Deeds that are noble, good, and true. Beautiful feet are they that go Swiftly to ease another’s woe. I say this little rhyme to Lia as I … Read More

100 Things (This is what real bloggers do for anniversaries and such.)

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1. I love a good back scratch, 2. and a good teeth-cleanin’, 3. and a good run. 4. I love impressive words like bombastic, equilibrium, and paleontologist, 5. but I love profound concepts like freedom, forgiveness, and mercy, even more. 6. I like to cut my fingernails all-the-way short and only use clear nail polish on them. (My childhood piano … Read More