3 Ways to Connect with Your Child: Share!


When you share something from your world with your child, you open your arms and welcome her into relationship with you. Whether it’s a bite of your cupcake or the Scripture that’s been encouraging you lately, look for a way to share your personal world with your child. He’ll treasure your generosity and trust. Share a treat with him.  Whenever … Read More

3 Simple (Funny) Ways to Connect with your Child This Week


See this little girl? She loves to laugh and she has a great sense of humor. Very few things connect human beings like laughter: it sweeps away our inhibitions and gives us common ground. Here are a few ways to connect with your child this week that involve laughter… Laugh out loud at her jokes or efforts to be funny. Your child … Read More

Singing Your Child to Sleep: A Sweet Motherhood Opportunity


Last year, I re-evaluated everything about motherhood based on a lip-sync performance of this song: “Stressed Out” by twenty one pilots. Our friends performed it at a talent show. It was funny. It was cute. And it rocked my world. “Wish we could turn back time, to the good old days When our momma sang us to sleep but now … Read More

3 Simple Ways to Connect with Your Child This Week


This week, enjoy these 3 simple ways to connect with your child: Say his name.  Say her name. I’m surprised how often I replace my child’s name with a term of endearment: Sweetie, Honey, Bud, Batman… While these are sweet, I find that speaking my child’s real name kindly – when everything is going well and they are not in … Read More

Let’s Get This Straight: 2 Thoughts About Homeschoolers vs. Public Schoolers

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I think there’s a tension between homeschoolers vs. public/ private schoolers. (I dunno… I could be wrong… but I think it’s there.) We’re each doing our very best, yet we’re afraid that maybe our children are missing out. We wonder if other women are judging us. We stumble over our words when we talk with one another because we’re not … Read More

Connect with your child: Ask for an opinion

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Don’t you love to be consulted? Don’t you love when someone asks you what you think? It pulls you into that person’s world and makes you feel honored, respected, and valued. Your child will feel the same way when you ask for their opinion about something that really matters. Is there a decision you have to make that you could … Read More

Connect with your child: Smile.


Today’s challenge is as simple as it gets. Today, you and I are going to intentionally smile at our child throughout the day. Smile when she wakes up. Smile when he walks into the room. Smile when you look at her across the table, when you glance at him in the rear-view mirror, and when you say good-night. Your smile … Read More

Connect with your child: Just ask.


Do you ever feel like you get to the end of the day and wonder if you connected with your child? I find myself wondering, Did I even look at her all day? Did I touch him? Did I smile at her?  These questions catch me off guard more often than I’d like and remind me to be intentional about connecting … Read More

Get Your Child to Play More Games, Solve More Puzzles, and Exercise Creativity

LauraFamily Fun, Motherhood

Don’t you just love when your child is totally absorbed in creating, puzzling, or playing? I do! We have a closet full of incredible games and toys – solitaire marbles, colored blocks, a Buddha board, dominoes, chess – but with a baby crawling around, I haven’t known what to do with all of those tiny pieces and fragile items. So, … Read More

Potty Training in 3 Simple Quotations

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A friend recently asked me to share all of my potty training insights. To be honest, I don’t have much to share. Potty training isn’t my forte. Though I rejoice that 6 out of the 7 people in our family are potty trained, I’m not quite sure how it all came about. Each time, we tried the 3-Day Thing, and … Read More