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  • How to Have a Great Day with Your Child

    How to Have a Great Day with Your Child

    Days at home with kids can drag on. Whether you have a newborn, a toddler, or a handful of kids, you probably know that feeling of not knowing what to do with yourself. I’ve spent many days at home feeling lonely, isolated, overwhelmed, distracted, and resentful. Of course that makes my kids feel restless and…

  • 10 Tips for a Happy Toddler

    Hey there, Mama! Are you wondering how to raise a happy kid? Are looking for practical strategies to resolve conflict, build character, and create peace in your home? Here are 10 random-but-helpful tips and tricks that make my day-to-day life with a little one happier. I use these on a regular basis because each one…

  • The Pros and Cons of Homeschooling for You and Your Child

    If you are considering homeschooling your child, I’d love to cheer you on and contribute my two cents to the complex decision before you.

  • A 3-Step Plan for Reading Aloud to Babies and Toddlers

    Picture this: You are holding your precious baby on your lap and opening a book to read aloud. You are building his love of reading, nurturing him with quality time, enriching his understanding of humanity. Two seconds later, that same child is escaping across the room – crying, no less – with a freshly-chewed board…

  • Teach Your Baby to Read: The Secrets to a Literary Education

    Teach Your Baby to Read: The Secrets to a Literary Education

    Tucked in your daily routine are the secrets to your child’s literary education. Your child’s literacy and love for books depends more on his grasp of the stuff of life than on his ability to decipher short-vowel sounds. We understand and appreciate books not only because we can physically read, but also because we can…

  • Reading with my 2-Year-Old (featuring 4 lesser-known bunny books that we love)

    ‘Tis the season for bunnies! They’re everywhere, aren’t they? (In fact, just the other night I had a dream that Winston Churchill was a giant bunny doing a puppet show for some children. He couldn’t remember the character’s names or the plot, so Sarah Mackenzie from Read Aloud Revival appeared as the Voice in the…

  • What I Teach My Children About Time

    Some of us are just starting out, just beginning. Some of us are in our prime, the most beautiful we will ever be. And, some of us are coming to the end of our lives here on earth. The most important thing to remember is that no one knows which one they are.

  • They Finally Said, “I Do”

    After much cavorting around the house, Rapunzel and Sir John (aka Flynn Rider) were finally wed in the living room on a wintery day in 2012. Perhaps you will be bored by my many photos, but I was so delighted by their union (and by the adorable wedding planners) that I just have to fill…

  • The Sock Basket

    One of the items on Lia’s shelf this week is a small basket of socks. We’ve used them to sort, pair, roll, and fold! She also likes to select a favorite pair to warm up her little toes…  

  • Daily Counting Practice

    Every week, I set out something different for Lia to count every day. I change the number every day. One week, she counted out little plastic fish into five labeled clear dishes. This week, she is counting out dog bones. (She loves these doggy bones and plunks them in the bowl with such nurturing passion……

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