The Top Ten Resources that Have Made and Saved Our Marriage

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Ryan and I are coming up on our 15 year wedding anniversary: years packed with happy memories full of laughter, intimacy, service, growth, dreams, wackiness, and adventure. I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you that our journey has also included many dark valleys. We’ve struggled through infertility, the struggle against sin and heartache from the past, intense arguments, pre-term labor, … Read More

Who is Like God?


I’ve never felt satisfied by the book of Job when we learn that God blessed the latter part of his life more significantly than the beginning. We all know that no amount of children or wealth would help him to forget his losses. The rest of his life – as bounteous as it may have been – was forever marked … Read More

Friends Don’t Let Friends Dye Their Hair

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Some time has passed since I’ve written about the stillbirth of our daughter. At the time, I wrote some serious and reflective words. And now, I feel the freedom and passion to write some not-as-serious, but kind-of-important words. You might find them insensitive or inappropriate, but I think any woman would appreciate the insight you’ll have in your back pocket … Read More

Holding You

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(Still Father’s Day. Still at church.) After the Assistant Pastor finished up acknowledging the new fathers and giving them pounds of coffee, a woman slid into her seat directly in front of me. In her arms, she held her 6-day-old infant. He was so small. He was unspeakably precious. His tiny ruddy head reminded me of something so familiar and … Read More

The Mingling of Sorrow and Joy

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(Ryan and Laura sitting by Juliette’s grave) Father’s Day. Out of town for the weekend. Late to church. Of course, our seats were in the front. As we slid into place, the Assistant Pastor was calling out the names of young fathers whose wives had delivered babies this year. One by one, the fathers came forward; big smiles; gratefully accepting … Read More