The Hole in Our Basement

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Although my podcast is called “Expect Something Beautiful,” in today’s episode, you can Expect Something Alarming. This story STILL sends shivers up my spine, but I hope it will help you to remember how important it is to guard your heart. You are precious in God’s sight and worth protecting. You can listen to the story here: The Hole in … Read More

The Wedding Rings

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In this episode of Expect Something Beautiful, I share a story about how my wedding rings taught me an important lesson about trusting God for the future instead of pining for the past. Click here to listen to “The Wedding Rings“.

Accidents Happen

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Have you ever had relationships that are strained, but you don’t know why? Let’s look into that topic through a compelling story in Philippians. Click here to listen to “Accidents Happen“.

The Year of the Sheep

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While volunteering at a pregnancy care center, I was shocked to learn about a superstition surrounding “the year of the sheep”. It made me ponder the way I view the year ahead. Click here to listen to “The Year of the Sheep“.

A Little Women Christmas

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One year, my girls and I planned a Christmas party based on the book Little Women. After multiple things went wrong, I wondered, “Was it worth it?” Click here to listen to the episode, “A Little Women Christmas“.

The Song Stuck in My Head

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As a mom of six kids, I have grown to LOVE Scripture Songs over the years. This episode of Expect Something Beautiful explains just how powerful they can be. Click here to listen to “The Song Stuck in My Head”.

Good Defender

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I wrote these words on a large sheet of paper and hung them by my son’s bunk bed: “You’re a good defender, Malachi! – Coach Eric” And, on another sheet of paper, this: “Open your mouth for the mute, for the rights of all who are destitute. Open your mouth, judge righteously, defend the rights of the poor and needy.” … Read More