We Are All Teachers

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QUESTION: How will our faith travel through time, from one generation to another? ANSWER: Through teaching! And the teachers are…you and me. 😉 Don’t worry! God will give us everything we need to teach the next generation about Jesus. I hope this episode gets you excited about your incredible calling!

Sometimes It’s Hard to Obey

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What do you do when you KNOW what is right according to God’s Word, but you struggle to obey? My toddler taught me an important lesson: sometimes you simply have to CHOOSE between obedience and disobedience. I hope this story strengthens your resolve to obey the Lord, even when other choices, voices, and vices vie for your attention. Most of … Read More

My Marriage Needs Help

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Marriage hasn’t come easily to me and my husband, Ryan. It has required more time, energy, and attention than we ever expected. As we celebrate our 20-year anniversary, we are far from perfect, but we believe every ounce of effort has been worth it. If you are feeling discouraged about your own marriage, I hope our story encourages you.

Flip the Script

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Do you ever feel like you are repeating a negative conversation over and over again? Maybe you fall into the back-and-forth because you’re trying to solve a problem, but your script doesn’t solve the problem… and often makes things worse. I’ve been there. The Bible gives us clear inspiration and instruction to replace life-taking words with life-giving words. I hope … Read More

Getting Past Mom-Guilt

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How do you get past mom-guilt? I think it has to do with seeing your situation clearly. We can move forward once we can identify what’s causing us to feel guilty in the first place. Then, we can take it to the Lord and determine our next best step. Freedom awaits! If you struggle with guilt in any area – … Read More

A Gift for Mother’s Day!

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If you are a mom (or you know a mom) who could use a little boost… …a boost of good cheer, an infusion of strength, a dose of encouragement… Then this book is for you! Here’s what you’ll learn: * How to get to the end of the day and feel like your time and energy went toward something constructive * … Read More

The Preschool Science Experiment That Changed My Life

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A simple preschool science experiment helped me make sense of Christ’s call to lay down my life. It helped me see that sacrifice is not the endgame, but just the beginning of something miraculous. THIS ROCKED MY WORLD and helped make sense of marriage, motherhood, and every other good work God may call us to as we seek to follow … Read More

A Box of Rose Petals (Podcast Episode + Free PDF)

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When you sacrifice for others out of fear, guilt, or an effort to please other people, you are going to feel bitter. You are going to feel unfulfilled. And you won’t see the beautiful growth you were hoping to see. BUT if you lay your life down in God’s love for you – and sacrifice for others because you are … Read More

Celebrate Mom! (Free Party-in-a-PDF!)

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Think of a mom you love. She’s amazing, right? Maybe she’s just starting out on her motherhood journey. Maybe she’s been a mom for many years now. Maybe she’s facing an exciting or discouraging or intimidating change. You want the best for her. You want to support her. Sooo, I was thinking… what if you threw a party for her?? … Read More

Having a Catch (new podcast episode)

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If you are feeling distraught, if you are at the end of your rope, if you are discouraged, feeling empty, even bitter; this episode is especially for you.  In those moments when we can’t wrangle our emotions to line up with the truth of God’s Word, we can at least grab a hold of God’s truth and play it over … Read More