CHAP Treasures: George Sarris

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This week, I’ll pass along a few of the treasures we discovered at this year’s incredible CHAP convention.

(“CHAP” convention?? Yes, the Christian Homeschool Association of Pennsylvania, naturally. It’s one of the largest homeschooling conventions in the country and is held in our very own Harrisburg every year. Two years ago, as I anticipated my first attendance, I was told,

“Oh, yuck. It smells like poop and you’ll be the only one in lipstick.”


Okay, so it smells *faintly* of manure and who-has-time-to-apply-lipstick-when-she’s-frantically-looking-over-thousands-of-mouth-watering-curriculum-options, BUT, it is glorious. Dozens of incredible speakers, thousands of incredible resources, and thousands of Christian HOMESCHOOLERS all mingling together!! What more could a girl want?? I think I’ve finally talked Ryan into making it my birthday and Mother’s Day gift every year for the next 10 years at least.)

So, CHAP 2010.

Treasure #1: George Sarris of The World’s Greatest Stories

This man blew us away on Friday night with his performance of 3 dramatized recitations of stories straight out of Scripture. Talk about hearing the Word of God in a new way! My spirit stirred in me when Abraham looked upon his son, strapped to the altar, and proclaimed in with deep guttural conviction, “THE LORD WILL PROVIDE.”

We purchased 2 of his CDs and are so so pleased by his ability to recite Scripture word-for-word and yet vitalize all of the characters, passion, and glory of God.

We’ve been playing the stories in the car. Let’s just say, Vivienne and Lia sit on the edge of their car seats until the end of each story. Fantastic.