Christmas Craft for Candles

LauraAll Posts, Kindergarten

Two years ago, our homemade gifts were refrigerator magnets, which I love, love, love. Use your 40% off Michael’s coupon to buy a package of tiny magnets and a set of tiny ornaments. Plug in your glue gun and go to town. You’ll realize that anything – anything – can be turned into a magnet with a little melted glue.

Last year, we made cookies-in-a-jar, which I do *not* love, love, love. They are more difficult to make than they look and everyone reported that, although the cookies were delicious, they had to pry the brown sugar out with a pitch fork and a blow torch. (Not the Holly Jolly we were going for.)

This year, we are making Candle Votives, which I love, love, love. We gave our first one away last night to some dear friends. The next one could go to you! If it doesn’t, you could always make your own.