Climb Up My Apple Tree

(Remember that rhyme, “Cici, my playmate…”?)

Our one huge apple tree has been transformed into pies, pies, and more pies, not to mention a shelf full of applesauce and canned apples. Delicious.

That’s not without some old fashioned labor though, which you’ll have to imagine for yourself. (I didn’t snap a picture of Ryan balancing on a tree limb whacking the highest branches with a 30 foot extension-pole, because Vivienne and I were scurrying around, dodging the thunking apples, and picking them up as they fell. Mostly, I was just very busy praying for all of our safety.)

No wonder so many folks have written songs about “bringing in the harvest”; it is truly a glorious experience. God’s gifts, hanging bounteously on a tree.






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3 responses to “Climb Up My Apple Tree”

  1. Brandy Avatar

    I’m glad Ryan was ok … and no one got thumped w/falling apples. I can’t WAIT until the Lord opens the doors for us to be able to do some of these same things!!

  2. Jenny Avatar

    oh, how fun! They look delicious! If you get neck deep and want to rid yourself of any—we would be glad to come shake, pick, and pile some of those apples into our van. Just let me know 😉

    And I love the picture of Ryan and your two loveys. CuUte!

  3. Lisa Boyette Avatar

    awww these are so sweet!!!! i want to come to your house and go apple picking!!

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