Coming Up With a Tagline (Day 30)

Amy Carroll recommends that speakers develop taglines that answers everyone’s question: “What do you speak about??”

This tagline goes at the top of your webpage and bio sheet; it’s also helpful in the elevator. To start the brainstorming process, she wrote two helpful posts:

Writing a Tagline, Part 1 of 2

Writing a Tagline, Part 2 of 2

She recommends that you get started by writing a list of things that you… speak about!

When I worked on this assignment – jotting down my themes, buzz words, soapboxes, and passions, I thought, “everybody speaks about these things”.  I thought I was SO stealing everybody else’s taglines and ideas. But then I looked around the web and realized that female speakers have taken specific slants that are very distinct from mine. To some, living by faith is the focus of their messages. To others, it’s simple living, or confidence, purity, motherhood, or wisdom. Seeing that God has actually given each of us a unique passion, interest, story, and theme gave me confidence to stop cowering and write a tagline that pinpoints what I love teaching. (Lia expressed it perfectly, “Your tagline should be, “I love to speak about Jesus.” Oh, that amazing girl.)

My soapbox: the wonders of God and His Word; the brilliance of living in the light of God’s Word, whether it concern marriage, motherhood, sisterhood, or moment-by-moment living…

These are the (so far) possibilities. Do you like one more than another? Or, do you have another possibility for the list?

“Inviting you to live in the light of God’s Word.”

OH. Hmmm. So it turns out there’s just one possibility so far. Oops. I’m supposed to have a list of 2 or 3 really good ones.



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