Connect with your child: Smile.

Today’s challenge is as simple as it gets. Today, you and I are going to intentionally smile at our child throughout the day. Smile when she wakes up. Smile when he walks into the room. Smile when you look at her across the table, when you glance at him in the rear-view mirror, and when you say good-night.

Your smile does three important things. It…

  1. Communicates your acceptance, trust, and approval.
  2. Demonstrates that despite all of the stress, obligations, and responsibilities in your life, you are trusting God to carry the weight of the world for you.
  3. Makes you more beautiful. (True story! When you smile, you are your most beautiful you. Ask anyone.)

When we smile at our child, we extend an offer of connection they can rarely and barely resist. It’s like a life preserver tossed to an exhausted swimmer, a free t-shirt launched to an excited baseball fan, and a handful of candy tossed from a Parade float to the kid with an open bag, just waiting for something sweet.

(Have you had an opportunity to ask your child what makes him or her feel loved? What’d you learn? Make sure you use that information! Snuggle, pray, play, sit by, or hike with your kiddo to say, “I love you”. )





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