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Years ago, we watched a television series called “Life Goes On”. ‘Remember Paige? And Corky? At any rate, during the opening song, beautiful Paige opens the refrigerator and drinks directly out of the large orange juice carton before rushing off to her welding job. I winced every time she did that. It was gross! And bad. I can honestly say that I don’t think I ever, ever imitated such behavior…

…until something about this pregnancy awoke a sincere and deep love for Chocolate Almond Milk.

The other day, the girls were enjoying a field trip tour of the grocery store when I spotted a great big gallon of Silk Dark Chocolate Pure Almond Milk in the dairy department. Needless to say, that’s all I could think about during the rest of the field trip. Must have Chocolate Almond Milk… Afterward, I bought that container of milk and, as soon as we loaded into the car, I drank straight out of that container. Of course, I furtively glanced around the parking lot first to see if anyone was looking as I guzzled from the large cardboard container. It was delicious.

The best news is that I found a COUPON for it! Now you can see for yourself what I mean. Maybe you’ll be drinking from the carton, too!