Crazy Love: Get it now

We pressed the PLAY button the same week I had been contemplating the vast power of God’s love for us: I had been realizing that when a human soul truly grasps that well-worn phrase “God loves me”,  she is completely transformed.

After all, when we see Mary Magdalene in Heaven and say, “Wow, your love for Jesus always inspired me! So many times I wanted to break the alabaster jar of my life over His feet just like you did…” I bet she’ll say, “Oh, I didn’t do that because I love Him – even though I do! – I did that because He loves me.


You can join me in meditating on this miraculous truth. You have two more days to download July’s free audio book, Crazy Love by Frances Chen (use the coupon code: JUL2009).

Ryan and I listened to most of it on a long rainy drive to an outdoor wedding; as we rode along, our quiet comments were “wow” “hmmm…” and “wow” again. Chen meditates upon great and profound truths from Scripture that will change our lives. It wasn’t until a couple weeks later that Ryan and I were ready to talk about how we would react practically to Chen’s encouragement.

Get a feel for some of the topics by checking out the short video clips on (click on “videos”). These questions alone can keep me thinking and praying for a lifetime.

…May we be able to comprehend with all saints what is the breadth, and length, and depth, and height of Christ’s love for us…

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