Curriculum Plans: First Grade

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What’s on the docket?

{Yes, yes, Vivienne is only just 5, and other children her age are heading off to Kindergarten this year. But we’re plowing ahead into first grade. I know. True educators are mortified. But we do have good reasons, I promise! I realize that I’ve never explained this to the skeptics or the genuinely concerned educators! Here’s why we feel comfortable calling this “first grade”: I’m convinced that God led us to begin her education a year early, and gave us peace to call it “Kindergarten” even though we otherwise actually support the concept of  helping a child to soar academically, while taking good old sweet time to advance through the “grade levels”.  So, although our decision contradicts our educational theories, obedience to the Lord’s leading just seems more important. We cannot begin to know why this may be important for her in the future, but we feel certain that it will be. And, so, we tackled Kindergarten-level work with gusto last year and are moving smoothly into 1st-grade-level work this year, that’s all.}

And so, glorious first grade it is!

Bible: Mighty Acts of God

Five in a Row: If curricula were love letters, FIAR would be the one I’d keep under my pillow. These week-long units are based upon beautiful picture books, and they cover all areas of study. Both of our daughters can engage at different levels. We paint, sculpt, eat, graph, map, cry, pray, and sing our way through lovely-book, after lovely-book.

The Phonics Museum: Grade 1 (We LOVED the K program. But be warned: it’s totally classical education and comes with a big thick workbook.  For all of our hands-on, face-in-the-wind learning we do, we also love a couple of good workbook pages every day. Yes, I actually wrote that: we love workbook pages. And The Phonics Museum has lovely ones.)

First Language Lessons for the Well Trained Mind

Saxon Math

Usborne First Book of Science,

The Little Hands Nature Book,

The Berenstain Bears’ Big Book of Science and Nature, and

Kid Concoctions, Creations & Contraptions.

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