Curriculum Plans: Preschool!

AH, I can finally get down to the business of talking CURRICULUM.


But, first, you’ve just gotta tell me about your curriculum plans for the fall?! (In case you didn’t know, many homeschool moms LOVE to have this conversation! Over and over and over again…) Let me know in the comments or send me a link to your curriculum post, okay??

Here’s what we’ve decided for 2010 – 2011…

I’ll start with my youngest student: Lia.

Lia is so ready to begin her own little studies. I’ve been admiring Carisa’s Raising Rock Stars Preschool curriculum for months now, and think that it’s just the right program for our little girl.

Why it works for us:

1. It’s all about God’s Word; exactly what we want to feed our children.

2. Each week’s lesson is based on a story and a song… right up Lia’s alley.

3. It’s based upon Susan Hunt’s My ABC Bible Verses, one of the best ABC Scripture books I’ve ever read.

4. It covers the very basics: ABCs, 123s, and one sight word a week. Since Lia is so young, these little lessons will be just enough!

5. Every lesson follows the same format; papers are changed in/out of ONE posterboard. Simplicity at its best.

6. Every lesson will take 15 minutes at the most. Just right for our precious 2 year old.

7. It’s FREE. The quality of work that Carissa does is outstanding. The fact that she is still offering her materials for free is astounding. (Shhh! Don’t tell her, though!)

One million thanks to Carissa from 1+1+1=1 the perfect way to begin Lia’s formal education!

(Next year, I hope to purchase The Learning Parent’s Character Concepts for Preschoolers package. The year after that, I’ll do our good-old Learning at Home.)

Next post: First grade!

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