CVS: Report

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 After figuring out where CVS even is in our town (no, the Rite Aid off of A. Street did not count…), Vivienne and I entered with a list of a couple of things we’d try to get this week to figure out exactly how this Extra Care Buck program works.  

Getting a CVS shopper’s card (not a credit card) was simple and the store is tiny enough that within no time, we had found our two jumbo packs of Pampers, one pack of Charmin toilet paper, one Fusion razor and one SpeedStick deodorant.  With a couple of coupons from this Sunday’s paper, the grand out-of-pocket total was $26.68.  My receipt then, offers me $11 for future CVS purchases.  So really, as long as I shop there again, I only spent 15.68 for all of those wonderful products.

I think I like it…

You’ll really know whether or not I like it if CVS ends up in a Friday’s Favorites after a $0 out-of-pocket order.  I have to build up my ECBs for that, but I can feel it comin’…