Daily Dose of Inspiration


Every day, I receive a brief email from The Generous Wife with an idea, a bit of encouragement, and an inspiring quotation about how to love Ryan better. Lori’s emails address the full gambit of our relationships from buying vitamins and noticing our husbands’ oh-so-straight lawn-mower lines, to praying for them and pursuing them romantically.

I’ve been receiving the emails for over a year now and haven’t always acted upon the advice, but I think I’m going to do a week’s-full just for kicks. You can get in on the fun and receive the emails, too! For those of the male persuasion, check out The Generous Husband.

Let’s all give a little bit more! The way I figure it, if a potato can be so romantically inclined, I can muster up a little lovin’, too!







3 responses to “Daily Dose of Inspiration”

  1. Jenny Avatar

    I can honestly say that Lori’s tips have triggered my heart several times per week to be and think generously. Some of her ideas are a little “not for me–but I’ll tweak it”. She is definately on the right track.

    Glad you like the site, Laura!

    Keep us posted to how your weeks turns out! I’m sure your efforts will return 10 Million-fold.

  2. Jenny Avatar

    And one more thought….

    Whoever was the lucky person to pick/find this beautiful God-created potato? My, my. How can anyone not be swept away in wonder and awe by just the site of a two-humped with a pointy part, ordinaty potato? Just so happens to be wonderfully made and crafted into the universal sign of love.

    I dont’ think I would have been able to control myself if I had found this! True beauty–even in a dusty potato! Funny!

  3. Jan Avatar

    So far so good on your 30 year goal! Neat site, I’m not sure I’d sign up for the emails, but I like how you can read her latest suggestions from the week. I want to go to dinner and play footsies!

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