Dishwasher Diving

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A couple of years ago, I read an article about a group of business people who were saving loads of money by “dumpster diving” at 5-star restaurants. They raved about the fine cuisine they could enjoy at no cost to them. Oh, the scalloped potatoes! The slabs of tender steak! The trays of fluffy lemon meringue!

‘Reminds me of our little Lia, who has lately taken to “dishwasher diving”. If I am busy loading the dirties, she scurries over and swipes the silverware out of the bottom tray while I am preoccupied. I’ve caught her enjoying the remains of a peanut-buttered spoon, a mashed-potatoes fork, and who knows what else. Oh, if she could write her own article about the glorious food she has discovered in our dishwasher!

I would love to post a photograph of our hungry opportunist,  but it seems rather unethical to grab for my camera while my one-year-old grabs for that chocolate-icinged knife…