You are not disqualified. Here’s why.

What makes you feel like you will not be used by God?

Sometimes I feel like it’s my responsibilities here at home, even though I know better. Other times I think it’s my quirky shy side that comes out at the most inconvenient times. Or it’s the foolish choices I’ve made in the past.

It seems to me that we have countless reasons to feel discouraged and disqualified, whether it’s genetics, gender, history, abilities, employment, marriage, family, or responsibilities.  When it comes to God’s great and triumphant work, it’s easy to look at ourselves and see how weak and poor we really are. What should we do when life circumstances seem to hold us back, though our hearts are full of love for God?

What should we do when our here-and-now seems like the last thing God would want to use? 

Surprisingly, this question is answered robustly in Judges 5 – Deborah and Barak’s song of victory after a fierce battle.

I recently taught this lesson at our weekly women’s Bible Study. (We’re studying Judges this year, using Jen Wilkin’s wonderful study guide and audio lessons. I prepare a lesson once a month to learn more about teaching the Bible; this one focuses on Judges 5.)

I’d be honored if you’d join me as I share what I learned about this old Old Testament poem (scholars say it may be the oldest Hebrew poem) and how it applies to our lives today.


After the lesson, we sang this anthem together… 






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