Doing the D40

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I’ve read the first chapter in my Nikon D40 book and enjoy the luxury of snapping some photos when I happen to have my camera and two free hands available. I’ve been picking up some tips from timely blog posts. Heidi at Mt. Hope Chronicles has inspired me by capturing creative (and gorgeous) shots of her day-to-day. Today, she listed several photography pointers that I found simple and do-able. (You can check her site out as long as you promise to come back to mine and keep your standards low!)

I call today’s photography portfolio, “(If I Could) I’d Buy 20 of These Bud Vases from Pier 1 Imports; Little Girl Waking Up From a Nap In Tears Because She Thought Ants Were On Her Pillow; and Which Way is Down? at McDonald’s PlayLand”.



After comforting her and checking inside-outside to show her that there were no ants on her pillow, I decided to cheer Vivienne up with a photo shoot. Then I experimented with the “Color Fade” feature in the iPhoto editor.





Who wants to hear their child scream “MOOMMMY!” from the top of PlayLand? ‘Turns out, Vivienne couldn’t find her way down…


Until her helpful big cousin showed up… (good thing, too, because I was busy taking photos!)



And Viv cheered up a little…



And cheered up some more…



And popped back to her cheery self again.



Here are the two little pals at lunch



And here’s where Lia was snuggled up while the big kids played: in Grandmom’s arms.




And this is my favorite picture of the day.